One Day to Catch Up

American Thanksgiving

There had been a snafu with Paul’s holiday schedule and it looked like his only day off for Christmas would be Christmas day.  As an appeasement (and conceding to Paul’s demand) they gave him the day after Thanksgiving.  His parents graciously flew the whole family out on points so that we could get away.

We flew the redeye Wednesday night and the boys were miraculously good.  The traffic to LAX crawled at half a mile per hour for the last hour of our drive, and the lines within the airport were equally as painful, but Boy Blue gave a dragon noise near one of the employees at the airport and she quickly took us out of the security line (which looked at least two hours long) and sent us up the elevator to the front of the security line.  She didn’t know his dragon noise was a happy one.  Or else she just knew that we wouldn’t last two hours.  We wouldn’t, it was time for him to eat already.

It snowed Thanksgiving morning in Detroit before we landed.  I was so happy.  The whole weekend was wonderful and perfect.  The food, the company, the girl’s day with my mother in law, the Henry Ford Museum.  And the boys were perfect on the flight home.

And we marvelled that on the Sunday after Thanksgiving, allegedly a very busy travel day, only LAX had a hard time managing the crowds.  Atlanta had no problem with crowds, although the rain delayed us on the tarmak for an hour and a half.  We referred to that leg of the trip the flight that wouldn’t end, because taking off late was only the beginning. 

Little Red Turns Three

We actually had three parties for him.  The first, the friends’ party, was thrown together quite quickly as we realized if we didn’t do it 11 days before his birthday we’d have to wait until midway through December as all the weekends were filling up.  It was a fun get-together in the park and the kids (and parents!) had a great time.  Paul felt it was our duty to show our friends that a casual party at a park can be just as fun as a big, major party.  We didn’t have a bounce house, we didn’t invite a million people, we didn’t have twenty-five different activities for the kids, and there was  no swimming pool.  Even the big party people had fun.

We had cupcakes in Detroit with the grandparents in anticipation of Little Red’s birthday.

Finally on his real birthday, we had more cupcakes. 

The gifts were troublesome, it was a fairly steady stream of packages arriving over the space of nearly a month.  We were concerned it would bleed completely into Christmas, but fortunately it did not and we had a break from the glut of gifts.


This year was Christmas with my husband’s family.  We  made it a California Christmas as the brothers that live on the west coast have families and short vacations, and the brother that lives on the east coast is single and seemed to have more vacation flexibility.  We spent the whole weekend at a hotel in Orange County (in the end he got Christmas Eve off, despite all earlier projections) and just played as a family.  The brothers went to a high-speed gocart track, my SIL and I took the boys to a park, we ate … a lot.  We got to know the ER in Anaheim.  (Little Red, overtired and over sugared had two episodes of headaches and vomitting.  As he had hit his head twice the night before (in the bath and falling out of bed in the hotel) we took him into the hospital to have him checked out.  Because we called the on-call nurse who always, always tells you to go to the doctor.)  We made “magic snow” (some fake stuff Aunt Kathy finds at the swap meet) with the kids.  We went to the Aquarium.  We spent Christmas Day at Disneyland.

Well, we weren’t allowed to get tickets for Disneyland as it was already to capacity (no one listened to me when I told them it would be the busiest day of the year.)  We went to California Adventure (a completely underrated park and I’m glad the family was forced to go) and crossed over to Disneyland later. 

And late Tuesday night we drove home.  We were tired, but very glad to be in our own beds and back to our own routines, even if both Paul and I had to work the next morning.

2 thoughts on “One Day to Catch Up

  1. What a great Holiday season for you! 🙂 Glad he finally got Christmas Eve off 🙂 Paul was supposed to work on Christmas Eve too – we joked that was the reason for my little emergency on Christmas Eve morning – I wanted to keep him home with me 🙂

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