Nature is SO COOL

This is a shameless repost; I’m copying this directly from Jamie because I thought it was too cool not to share.    A sliced carrot looks like the human eye The pupil, iris and radiating lines look just like the human eye…and YES science now shows that carrots greatly enhance blood flow to and function […]

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One More Point for California

In the past month, Paul must have prefaced 20 sentences with the phrase “when we move to Michigan…”  That is not to include other statements like “unless we’re somewhere colder next year.”  It’s been really good for him to think this way, as it reduces his stress and frustration that housing, while dropping, is still […]

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The Cat Came Back

… with a vengence. We had a break for several good, long, happy months.  Unfortunately we have been marked more than four times this month.  I know it’s because the litter of feral cats is now prowling around at the resident territorial neighbourhood cat is back to mark his land.  I’ve planted lavender in the […]

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Matching Scars

This doesn’t bode well for Boy Blue.  Last night his older brother joined ranks with his parents with a trip to the hospital for a head wound.  Thanks to modern medicine they were able to glue him back together whereas Paul and I have both had stitches in our heads.  (Me when I was much […]

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SOB Story

Have you been inside a classroom lately?  Who is most likely to get a D or an F on an assignment?  Who is most likely to be considered a discipline problem?  Who is most likely to have been diagnosed and/or on meds?  If you guessed “a boy” to any of these, you’re right.  Now, I’m […]

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With Love, From Me to You

I’ll admit it, I’m not a great gift giver.  Some people are, and I’m not.  I’m getting better, but it is one of those examples of a weakness becoming a strength (and that’s not a quick process!)  The problems with gift-giving can be twofold. The first problem is actually thinking to give the gift.  In […]

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New Me

I want to change so many things about myself but setting a million lofty goals is more ineffective than not setting any.  I believe I have settled on two official goals.  If there is a third goal it’s just a general “try harder” goal without specifics. 1.  Never say “don’t stay up too late” to […]

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The Truth Lies Somewhere In Between

Two weeks ago, when we spent the night at the hospital investigating Little Red’s headache and vomitting following a fall, I had the most peculiar conversation with one of the attendees (not our attending physician, but as our room was right beside the computer, we saw her a lot.)  She was wearing a Hannukah-themed srub […]

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Looking Back, Looking Forward

One of the reasons I had such a hard time blogging in December was that every time I did I started channelling myself from last year.  Last Christmas was definitely my most difficult holiday.  I knew this year was different and I was doing everything I could to try to keep it that way.  If […]

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