The Truth Lies Somewhere In Between

Two weeks ago, when we spent the night at the hospital investigating Little Red’s headache and vomitting following a fall, I had the most peculiar conversation with one of the attendees (not our attending physician, but as our room was right beside the computer, we saw her a lot.) 

She was wearing a Hannukah-themed srub top so I said to her, “Did you have a good Hannukah?”

She said, “Hannukah is not the same time as Christmas.”

I knew that.  “Didn’t it start on December 5th this year?”

I didn’t understand her reply.

What Paul heard:

“Did you have a good Hannukah?”

“Hannukah isn’t the same time as Christmas?”

“Didn’t it start on December 5th this year?”

She’s not Jewish, she was just wearing the shirt.  She wished us a happy Hannukah as we left, thinking that we were Jewish. 

It was 2:30 in the morning.  It’s quite possible neither of us are right in our interpretations of what happened. 

2 thoughts on “The Truth Lies Somewhere In Between

  1. That is pretty funny. I had this shirt that said “Please don’t eat me” and it had a picture of a pig. I bought the shirt because it was pretty funny, not trying to make a statement. It turned out that I almost always eat pork whenever I wore that shirt. I don’t eat very much pork, or even much meat for a matter of fact. I was stopped once in a grocery store from a vegetarian who discussed with me how they were also a vegetarian and the benefits of it. Memories…

    Do you still have that shirt?

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