New Me

I want to change so many things about myself but setting a million lofty goals is more ineffective than not setting any.  I believe I have settled on two official goals.  If there is a third goal it’s just a general “try harder” goal without specifics.

1.  Never say “don’t stay up too late” to my husband.  I’m not his mother and he’s not a child.  He’s a big boy.  While his actions do affect my life I need him to make his choices on his own accord and not because of me.  Besides, he never listens to me (about that) anyway so I’m just setting myself up for disappointment.

2.  Lose 20 pounds.  This isn’t a cliche.  I’ve figured out that if I lose 2 pounds every month that’s 24, so it leaves me a little wiggle room.  (Actually I’d really like to lose 25 pounds, but I can save the rest for next year.)  By losing only 2 pounds a month I’m making gradual lifestyle changes instead of going on some crazy fad diet and gaining it all back.  I’ve cut out a morning snack, so that I will only snack in the afternoons right before work.  I also brush my teeth within half an hour of every meal (and snack.)  Not only is this good for my teeth, but by taking the taste of food out of my mouth I’m thinking about food less.  I am also going to hit the streets hard, with a serious walk at least three times a week.  (Pushing the stroller with 50 pounds of children up the footbridge is some serious work!)

This is also the year of the coupons.  Following my desire lately to pair down and clean up the house I’m extending it to my body and our finances.  I’m excited about these decisions.  These changes will bring a lot of freedom and happiness.

3 thoughts on “New Me

  1. I like your goals. Very realistic and doable. As far as the coupons go… My friend here is involved in a program called “Coupon Sense” that basically helps you organize your coupons and known when the sales are and at what exact stores so that you basically get all your stuff for the price of tax. Seriously. Her pantry is always full. The only reason we haven’t done it yet is because we can’t afford the paper. So anyway, check into it and see if there is one there because it is sooooooo worth it!! This is my year of the coupons, too. Coupons are not scraps of paper. They are money in my pocket!!

    Thanks for the tip on Coupon Sense. I had used Coupon Mom when I was couponing before, but I abandonned it when I got pregnant with #2 because it was too hard. If I can’t keep up with this time I think I’ll bite the bullet and pay Coupon Sense to help me. I like their format more than the Grocery Game.

  2. Good luck on the goals! That coupon sense site looks cool. I don’t think I’d have the time or energy to do something like that, but I can see how it would save money. Generally Walmart’s cheap brand is cheaper than the name brand with a coupon so I don’t do a ton of coupon shopping. I don’t buy meat unless its on sale though. Good luck! It’s going to be a great year! 🙂

    True, you really have to weigh everything out. There are some definte items that are cheaper for me at Target than the grocery store, but not always. If you have the right coupon, and a store that doubles, and you wait until the item goes on sale, you really can get things at an amazing deal. I refuse to pay more than 50cents for a toothbrush or toothpaste.

  3. I get my toothbrushes free from the dentist. 😉

    No, what I really came here to say was regarding goal #1. I always thought that “don’t stay up too late” was codespeak for “please be considerate and come to bed at a reasonable time, since I need my sleep and it disturbs me when you come to bed so much later than me”. (At least, that’s what I think it means when my husband says it, ever so gently and kindly, to me.)

    My dentist doesn’t give me toothbrushes. But I’m not complaining, I’m happy to have a dentist at all.

    You’re right about the second part, that is a part of what I’m saying, but, unfortunately, not all. It’s the other interpretations that I’m trying to get over. 🙂 New Year, New Me.

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