Matching Scars

This doesn’t bode well for Boy Blue.  Last night his older brother joined ranks with his parents with a trip to the hospital for a head wound.  Thanks to modern medicine they were able to glue him back together whereas Paul and I have both had stitches in our heads.  (Me when I was much younger than Little Red, and Paul multiple times.  You may now scoff and mutter under your breath that that explains it — even Paul did last night when I told him about when I fell off the sewing machine table and it fell on top of me.)

In last night’s story, however, it was a case of exhuberance.  He came running out of the bathroom and probably slipped on the tile.  In the fight of Little Red vs. the wall, the score is 0-1.  The wall stood its ground and Little Red flew back with such force that he nearly hit the wall behind him.

We triaged him well, beginning with butterfly bandages and then covering that with gauze for good measure, and while my husband got everything together for another trip to the hospital I held him in my arms.  “What song would you like me to sing?” I asked.  Lately he’s been asking for either the ABCs or Santa Claus is Coming to Town.  I was impressed at his maturity when, during such a time of stress, he turned to what would bring the most comfort: Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam, and then I Am A Child of God.  After Paul gave him a quick blessing, they were off — Little Red’s first trip to the ER without me.

Everyone at the hospital was impressed with how brave and strong he was, never crying, not even when they cleaned his wound before they glued him up.  When it was over they looked for stickers to reward such a big boy, found none, and sent him home with a lollipop, bubbles, and some candy.  Paul called to tell me they were leaving the hospital and I could hear Little Red cheerfully saying goodbye to everyone they saw.  He wants to be a doctor when he grows up.  I think he’ll be a good one.

His right forehead will never be the same, but now he’s even more of a clone of my husband.  (I believe Paul got his from the infamous Paul on black ice vs. the Dumpster.)  So far Boy Blue has not required a trip to the ER … but as I watch the boys play I know that it’s only a matter of time. 

9 thoughts on “Matching Scars

  1. Oh, Poor little guy. I’m glad he’s glued back together! And yes….glue is impressive. I had no idea we’d done away with the old fashioned stitching up.

    I’m definitely glad they did glue instead of stitches — it just sounds so much more humane than taking a needle to the bleeding head of a three year old! That said, in both of my post-baby stitching, I think I prefer stitches to glue. It just sounds . . . better?

  2. Boys will be boys. It’s probably only a matter of time before Blue matches Red.

    I’m sure you’re right. It’s almost written in the cosmos. But in my book right now I’m reading about how low-level head injuries can cause minor brain damage that can contribute to problems in the classroom. Eeek!

  3. We don’t even bother with taking them to the ER anymore. We have super glue. We need to get some more steri-strips and butterfly bandages, though. Aiden now has two scars under his chin and one in his left eyebrow. Dallin has a small one in his forehead. It’m sure more will come in time. Aiden spent the last couple of weeks with a complete black eye from messing around when it was bedtime. Dallin’s head bonked Aiden’, and Aiden got a black eye. Parker is covered in bruises. The kids run and jump and slip and fall and wrestle… boys. Sheesh.

    I do look forward to the day when we’re not running to the doctor for every little thing. This was, however, the first time we took him to the ER that they didn’t say that we had done everything they could do.

    The bruising isn’t just boys, I have at least five bruises (mostly on my legs) right now. 🙂 I don’t recommend kneeling down on matchbox cars!

  4. scars are full of win. i don’t know why i like them, but i think it’s because they tell a story. of course, it’s way better long after the story has been told, and not WHILE the story is being told… because that part is scary. heh.

    random much? yes. yes, i am.

    But that, my friend, is why we love you.

  5. So, does the ER know you guys well now? Poor little guy, but yes, these make for good stories, don’t they? And by the way, I agree with helping the boys as stated in your previous post. Another book I really LOVE about raising boys is, “So You Want to Raise a Boy” by Cleon Skousen. I worry about the kids and the difficult situation with the public schools. Anyway.

    I’m going to add that book to my reading list. I’ve also got “Raising Cain: Protecting the Emotional Lives of Boys” by Michael Thompson on the list.

  6. Jack and Robert have matching scars on their foreheads too. It must be some sort of bonding experiance that us girls just don’t underatand.

  7. I hate how accident prone kids are. Jack already has chipped teeth and a screwed up area of gum. I recall many dangerous times in my childhood with everything from lighters to sliding glass doors to hair dye. Nothing from my childhood was permanent, though. I don’t know how anyone ever survives to adulthood.

  8. Oh, and my husband ran over his foot with a lawnmover as a teen. We are never letting Jack near one (not hard – my husband refuses to own one).

    Paul says we’re going to have a riding mower when we finally have a yard. I laughed, because I’m the frugal one in the home and I’m also the one who will be mowing the lawn as he gets migranes from freshly cut grass. He just laughed and said, “you’ll be saying something different two weeks after we move to Michigan.” After 8 1/2 years of marriage and he still thinks I would chose to spend more money just for comfort?!?

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