You Can Take the Teacher out of the Classroom . . .

I never had strong feelings about preschool.  I didn’t care if my children went or not, and I didn’t feel it was especially significant.  Last spring when my friends were skipping playgroup to do preschool tours I didn’t feel left out.  I was still enjoying having Little Red home with me.  And anyway, it just wasn’t in the budget.

I planned on buying the Joy School curriculum and teaching Little Red on my own, but autumn came and went before I gave it a second thought.  We were having fun, and he was learning in a more natural environment.  Two weeks ago Tara asked about preschools around here, and Andrea and I both replied that a good one was pretty pricey, and that we just tried to do lots of stimulating activities with the boys.  Tara then asked the question I’ve been waiting for all year, “would any of you be interested in a homeschool preschool?”

I was so excited about this perfect situation that I offered to teach first.  Yesterday the three boys sat at our purchased-for-the-occasion Mammut table and we sang, coloured, and wrote the letter “A”.   (We’re doing a letter a week.)  It was a blast and the two hours just seemed to fly by! 

I’m so excited that my little boy is growing up, and so happy that I can participate in it.  For the next two weeks he’ll be at the homes of the other two mothers, and then back here.  I think it’s a perfect situation for us.  And now I’m finally excited about preschool!!!  (Sorry to my husband, though, because obssessed-teacher-Zen is coming back.)

9 thoughts on “You Can Take the Teacher out of the Classroom . . .

  1. I too was not able to put my boys in preschool due to budget. I then tried to get all of the sunbeam moms together to try and do what you are doing. No one was interested. Then we tried it on our own. That didn’t work either. I’m glad you have the support you need to get it done. I had so many lesson plans I wanted to do with the letters. My favorite was P and it involved decorating our own popcorn bags.

    Cool! Maybe you’ll get to do a group when Tweedle 3 is of age.
    I think we’ll do D is for Drum for my next lesson. Not as yummy as popcorn, but I’m not in line for P.

  2. I was going to try to get a group like that together when we were in Nevada because preschools were sooooooo expensive (sorry, but I can’t affor $300 a month for one of the cheap preschools!!), but then we moved here and found a preschool for $80 a month. It was fantastic!! Dallin will start next fall, but I don’t think we’ll have the funds, so it may be back to trying to get a group together. It’s just too hard for me to do it on my own. I get frustrated with my kids easily and they don’t want to sit and listen to me at all. If there are other kids around, however, it’s a different story. And I have sooo many good ideas!! I want to do it!

    Man I wish we lived closer…

  3. I know the boys had a lot of fun yesterday. my little guy pulled his papers out of his backpack to show his daddy as soon as he walked in the door from work, with a shout of, “A!!!!”

    That is the sweetest thing I’ve heard! Man, I sure love your kid.

  4. That sounds so awesome! I bet the kids are going to get a bigger benefit from being in smaller groups with more individualized attention, plus you can really tailor the lessons to them.

    That’s what we’re hoping. 🙂

  5. I have kept L home this year for the exact same reason. I just don’t have the funds. We do all kinds of things together with our time instead, but she wishes that she had the social interaction. There is only one other little girl in the neighborhood that is the same age, and she goes to the government funded program that we don’t “qualify” for. This year has been hard for her.

    Poor thing. What are the plans for next year for her?

  6. L turns 5 in March. Next year is Kindergarden! Man is she ever excited. I will be happy to meet some other kids. The other side of town is growing while my side and ward is floundering. There are definitely more kids over there, but I have a hard time meeting the parents.

    The main difficulty with living in such a small town has been the limited amount of friends that my girls have to play with. They love each other, they are best friends, but when one goes off to school… well you know.

    So let’s start the countdown to kindergarten! That’s seven months from now?

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