How Long Has This Been Going On?

In the middle of the night I got up with Boy Blue.  As I sat in the chair, in his room, in the dark, the door opened and in walked Little Red.  He paid no attention to me and went straight to his bed, putting himself back to sleep.  It was 3:30 am and he had been downstairs.  He left the light on in the living room, but I’ll be honest, if I hadn’t seen him get back into bed I’d have just assumed Paul forgot to turn the light off when he came up.

I have so many questions.  How long was he up?  What was he doing?  Is this the first time?  There is a family precident for these shenanigans, but this is the first evidence I have that it has been passed on to the next generation.

6 thoughts on “How Long Has This Been Going On?

  1. Wowza. Is he still young enough to not be bale to get past a baby gate in the door?

    He’s 3. We let him enter and leave his room as he pleases at this point. The front door is chained and bolted, but he has free reign within the apartment. And yes, he can plow down a baby gate. (But I’d never put one up in the bedroom for fear that I would trip on it in the middle of the night!!)

  2. that is hilarious! at least he can put himself back to sleep.

    You’re right.
    As for sheer skills, I think your guy climbing out of his crib to wake you in the morning is my favourite tale.

  3. Wow, that would make me wonder, too. Do you know if he was asleep or awake? (Not sure if the “shenanigans” you’re talking about might be sleepwalking.)

    I’m pretty sure he was awake. He went downstairs and played. His father and uncle have quite a reputation for doing the same. In fact, I’ve heard many stories of the family waking up to find “Uncle” Matt asleep in random places all over the house. (The stairs, for instance.)

  4. Okay, this post totally made me laugh. What a funny and strange sight to see him wandering back to bed after hanging out on his own downstairs. yes, what was he doing?? watching reruns of Conan? Funny.

    We will never know. He won’t tell.

  5. hahahahahaha.

    My kids get up in the middle of the night, but they always come in to my room to get me up. Dallin woke me up one time recently by throwing his sippy cup on my head and saying, “Can I have more milk, pleeeeeease? You have to go get it. Wake up, Mom!” Then he grabbed my hand and tried to pull me out of bed.

    I’d much rather they do whatever it is they do in the middle of the night, then put themselves back in bed.

    ‘Course, I’d be super curious, too. Nanny cam, anyone?? 😉

    I am SO glad I don’t get slammed with sippy cups in the night!

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