Funny Sunday

Despite having no calling, I spent all of church in primary yesterday.  As I went in to drop off Little Red I had every intention of hanging around for a bit to make sure all the children got into the right class.  I was prepared to help out.  Linda T., the primary president, grabbed me by the arm and said with a hint of panic, “Don’t Leave.”

So I conducted the “hello song” at the beginning of sharing time before the chorister arrived.  Then I did music time in nursery.  When I returned the materials to the primary room I asked Linda if she needed anything else.  “Please stay,” she said.  “I might need you to pull faces at me from the back of the room in case I do something wrong.”  I’m positive the woman has been doing primary for way longer than I have.  I sat at the back, played with Boy Blue, and chatted with Katie S.  It wasn’t the same as sitting with all my friends in Relief Society for the first time ever, but it was still fun.

Being in Primary all day was a great reminder that Zion’s baptism was that night, and that I was conducting the music.  Zion is a really sweet girl –I really like her whole family– so I was really excited.  But as soon as we got home I occupied my mind with the flurry of eating and naps, and I forgot.  Late in the afternoon I was puttering around the apartment and Little Red said, “I want to go somewhere.”

“Where do you want to go?” I asked.

“I want to go to Target.”

We explained that as it was Sunday we were not going to go to Target.

“Well then I want to go to church.”

I explained that we had already gone to church today and that we were done.  Suddenly Paul said, “Heather, what time is the baptism.”

I ran back into the kitchen to stare in horror at the microwave clock (as I had taken off my watch and rings to wash the dishes.)  “NOW!” I screamed as the clock said 5:03.  In a flurry I put my skirt back on, grabbed my wallet, and ran to the car, repeating the mantra in my mind, “I’m sure they’ll be late, they always start late.”

They were not late.  I missed the opening song.  (I think Katie covered for me.  I don’t know what I’d do without someone always watching my back — seriously.  This is not the first thing I’ve spaced out lately, I have got to get my brain back on track.)  It was a beautiful evening.

3 thoughts on “Funny Sunday

  1. I can certainly identify with that feeling. Only no one is watching my back. That’s probably why I go through a lot of post-it notes. 🙂

    I used to use post-it notes. Someone keeps moving them. Now I rely on that someone to keep me on track.

    I think I need a better system.

  2. I sent a post the other day because I’m finding that words escape me alot lately. My post included the following line

    “baby brain my butt… Baby brain doesn’t end…it just goes like this: baby brain, then toddler brain, then preschooler brain, adolescent brain, teenager brain, then dementia!!”

    I swear, I haven’t gotten my head back since Logan’s birth. Just when I think I’m smart again, I’m lost again. Thank God I’ve worked in the photo industry for so long. I don’t think this “old” dog could learn new tricks:) hahahaha

    Yes, when I realized that pregnant brain became baby brain I waved goodbye to the whole idea of thinking. Bye Bye Brain!

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