Music Therapy

Now that I’m older, I don’t have the stereo playing constantly, but when I was a teen I didn’t feel I could function without the music.  The boy I tutor also likes having the music playing while he does his homework.  (Although to illustrate the difference in technology between us, I studied to mix tapes and the few cds I owned or was borrowing from a friend.  Daniel’s musical selections come from

I find some of his selections amusing: the Eagles, the Beatles, and Pachelbel’s Canon in D, in addition to modern ballads and piano covers of anime theme songs.  Some of the music I enjoy myself, the “rocked out” versions of Canon are amusing, and I’ve always had a spot for the Beatles.  Some of the music is painful, like the anime stuff.  Composed by dilettantes it’s repetitive without being minimalist, has no form or structure, and often doesn’t even end on the tonic.  I’m the fuddy-duddy complaining that the teen’s music is assaulting my cochlea, except that he prefers the quiet, mellow stuff and I’d rather rock!

Last night was the worst assault to date, as he insisted on finishing his geometry to the theme from Titanic.  As he prefers piano covers to the original recordings this is not meant as a bash on Celine Dion (although I was glad to have dodged the bullet there, too) but rather a reaction to the associations I have to that particular piece.

I love how music can evoke such wonderful memories and feelings I can’t put to words.  I love how music can take me back to another time and for a few brief moments I feel fearless, strong, and unstoppable.  I hate how music can evoke such painful memories and feelings I don’t want to recall.  I hate how music can take me back to another time and for many more lingering moments I feel trapped, weak, and filled with regret.

Last night I was swamped with memories of the boy who stalked me and the boy whose heart I crushed.

Purge purge purge with the Foo Fighters.  Purge with Alice in Chains.  Sing along with the Flaming Lips and feast on Cake and Cracker.  The last half hour of tutoring before I could hop into the car and play my music was a marathon of endurance.  I couldn’t wait to rid myself of the pain.  I couldn’t wait to purge.

4 thoughts on “Music Therapy

  1. Not that I’m a huge Celine Dion fan or anything, but I have to admit I like the Titanic music. However, I have good memories of seeing that movie when Ches and I were engaged and newlyweds. There is definitely music that lifts, music that reminds of good things, music that reminds of not so good things, and music that’ll just drive you nuts. I have to purge to a LOT of stuff to get Sinead O’Conner out of my head. Can. Not. STAND her. For Ches, it’s Bette Midler… I guess there are some bad memories of The Ex Girlfriend, but he won’t tell me what. He just refuses to listen to anything Bette Midler. So he purges to jazz or “classical” trumpet. Or Bon Jovi. 🙂

    Bon Jovi. Now there is some real purge music!

  2. The Boy is really into the Beatles right now. I can handle that. I think it’s kind of funny. I picked up the DVD for “Across the Universe” and he watched it with me, and even wanted to watch it again. Not to be outdone, my husband got a copy of “Yellow Submarine” from eBay. The Boy watched that one twice (so far) too.

    As for purge music, mine is ZZ Top, “Legs” in particular. *Shudder*

    Sounds like you should rent “Help!” next.
    Oooh, just thinking about your purge sone makes me shudder!

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