Dulac is a Perfect Place

Wednesday we played hookey.  Paul and I both took the day off work so that we could enjoy a day at Disneyland as a family — so I guess if we made the plans in advance and informed our employers/clients, then it’s not really hookey.  (The SoCal Select passes don’t work on weekends or major holidays, and I’m not a big fan of crowds anyway.  Besides, there’s something about weekends that are much more like work and a lot less like holiday.  What we wanted was a holiday.)  We have instituted a new family tradition of “Family Day.” We’re going to do something like this every year.

My SIL and her two kids joined up with us and we spent a perfect day in the magic kingdom.  When we finally decided to stop playing and eat it was quite late.  A balloon man came to our table and offered to make Little Red whatever he desired.  As my baby is finally discovering the dark side of things, he lit up at the offer of a sword (not surprising giving how many pirates he had seen that day.)  The man made him not only a sword, but a belt holster and a very elaborate pirate hat.  It was very entertaining and it made Little Red feel very special.  I was just pleased to find out that the balloon makers are paid by the park and only accept tips from the guests.

Boy Blue was less entertained.  He sat in his chair and banged on the table.  A really bad feeling washed over me, and suddenly I looked up to see our pizza flipped over and on the ground.  I didn’t think his arms were long enough to knock it, I think possibly he just hit the table hard enough that the pie bounced off the tray.  Regardless, I was grateful we each had some pizza on our trays so that we wouldn’t hungry, and without saying a word I got up, cleaned up the mess, and returned to my seat.  When I’m really mad, I’m really quiet.  I was very quiet.  I was ready to finish what was on our plates, pay the bill, and get on the road to Glendale.

Within no time (and not because we called any attention to ourselves) our waiter was picking up the pieces of our broken meal while the manager asked Paul was kind of pizza it had been (unrecognizable at this point.)  He assured us we’d have a new one in 4-5 minutes (they cook in a wood-burning oven at 600-700 degrees.)  I was shocked.  It wasn’t a mistake on their part and they owed us nothing.  They didn’t need to do that, but they did, without a second thought, and both stayed very near us and checked up on us often to make sure our dinner there was a positive experience.  They truly went above and beyond.  SO Disney.

Sing with me “Dulac is, Dulac is, Dulac is a per-fect place!”

oh, I mean Disneyland.

5 thoughts on “Dulac is a Perfect Place

  1. Wow, that’s really awesome! I love it when restaurants are so awesome and kid-friendly.

    It was fantastic. Normally the kids are really really good at restaurants, but I was glad that the one time they were off we were still treated well.

  2. I loved the original Shrek. The others are still good, but nothing measures up to the original.

    And yes, yes, yes, it’s a perfect place. 🙂

    I still hope you’ll join me some time.

  3. Awww..that’s so very cool! I’m happy that it turned out so well due to some nice people!! I want to go there, and my mother in law says that she wants to take us, but won’t until the kids are alot older and can appreciate it more. Either way, I will get there one day!:) And you’ve just made me want to go even more!

    I have soooo many suggestions for when you make your trip. Whether I’m able to join you or not, let me know before you go so I can fill you up with ideas of how to make it fun instead of overwhealming.

  4. How fun! There seem to be advantages to living in SoCal! Enjoy them while you can!

    You’re right. I try to remind myself often that I need to take advantage of all there is to offer! This won’t be forever.

  5. Wow! How in the world did I miss this entry?! I never saw it until today!

    hehe, I get really quiet when I’m mad too. Well, at least in public. I’m not so quiet when I’m mad at home 😉

    My sister was visiting with her absolutely out-of-control kids this past week. I was quiet. A LOT. Glad to know I’m not the only one 🙂

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