It’s Official

If you recall, last summer I was called to be the primary 2nd councilor.  With the shuffling of boundaries and leadership I was temporarily without a calling, although I spent my free agent time in primary anyway.

The first Sunday after the changes I dropped off Little Red when the pres, Linda, grabbed me by the arm and in a tone of slight desperation said, “don’t leave.”  I didn’t.  I conducted the music for opening exercises, did music time with the nursery, and added crowd control and moral support for the final hour.  The next week I subbed for the Sunbeam class.

This week it’s official and my calling is . . . primary 2nd councilor.  🙂  Same calling, but completely different responsibilities.  The biggest difference is that we are retaking control of the scouting, now that we have the numbers to warrant it.  Being a unit commissioner for Cub Scouts was a scary concept.  I mean, I had been a Brownie and a Girl Guide (although I don’t think I saw the second to completion) and I knew the history of Lord and Lady Baden-Powell, but I didn’t feel qualified in any way to do what was suddenly requested.  On Saturday I started my New Leader Essentials Training and I feel much less scared.  (I now know whom to contact with all my questions.  That’s all I need, right?)

I’m so excited!  Scouting is such a beneficial program, and as my husband is an Eagle Scout I’m especially motivated to involve our boys in the program when it is time.  This current responsibility for me will not only benefit the boys in the program now, but better prepare me for when it’s time for my own boys to join.  Hooray!

3 thoughts on “It’s Official

  1. I have to admit that I was relieved to know that my being called as 1st counselor in the primary would not involve scouting… it is a bit too overwhelming for this mother of two girls 😉

    You only think you’re in the clear.

  2. You’re going to do great! Let me know if I can help you! 🙂

    You have so much already. Now I’m just waiting for my registration number so I can complete my training online. Don’t worry, I’ll definitely send you more emails once I’ve absorbed what you’re already sent. I did print off your email and give it to my pres when we had our getting-to-know-you meeting. (She’s a scouting newbie, too, as a mother of four grown girls.)

  3. I have seen the benefits of good scouting. It’s a very important organization. It will be so good for those kids to have someone excited about it, and so great for your boys!

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