Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

I think I may have lost the war. 

Of course I blame his cousin* — isn’t it always easy to blame the cousins for importing things into your own -perfect- child’s life?  His cousin is older, and obsessed with Darth Vader.  Finally, after Little Red’s birthday, we let him watch Star Wars (the original first one, which is pretty tame I must say.)  We cautiously explained to him all the characters, defining them as “good guys” and “bad guys”.  He’s no dummy, it didn’t take him any time at all to realize his cousin’s idol was a “bad guy”.  Thus courting the dark side began.

Since then it’s been nothing but good guys and bad guys.  He wants to be a bad guy for Halloween.  Boy Blue is a bad guy.  I am a bad guy.  Darth Vader is a good guy.  I thought we had made some major strides this week, when he affirmed that Darth Vader was a bad guy but he was a good guy, and later when he announced, unprompted (but following our trip to the Big D), “pirates are bad guys and they have sharp swords.”

Today in church he announced to his class that Jesus was a bad guy. 

Wouldn’t you know it?  The only thing those three year olds heard and remembered from the lesson was his comment.  I have several more parents to contact and to whom I should apologize in advance lest they think the delinquency of their children is somehow their own doing.

*** I actually really love his cousin.  He’s a great kid, and his parents are really on the ball.

8 thoughts on “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

  1. lol! I just find the whole thing rediculously funny 🙂 There aren’t any parents actually upset by this are there? I think I would collapse on the floor laughing if I got a phone call like that – but knowing my kids I’d be in your shoes making the phones calls 😉

    No, no parents were upset. Mostly they acted like they couldn’t understand why I even felt the need to call. 🙂

  2. The thing I love about Star Wars (the 6 movies, I mean) is that it shows how a good guy (Anakin) turns into a bad guy (Darth Vader). You can’t show a 3 year old all 6 episodes, though. At least Little Red is in good company with liking Darth Vader.

    You’re right, when he is old enough to see the entire series it is interesting to see the transition. It’s a good life-lesson.

  3. Will has yet to see a star wars movie. But he figured out the whole bad guy/good guy thing a long time ago. Cars… Transformers… and I’m sure others. Just wait, he’ll be into transformers before you know it and all he’ll ever talk about is “good guys this and bad guys that…”.

  4. You know I’m not one to follow rules, so… even though you heavily requested no one comment on your “political post” and probably secretly promised sure punishment… i have to say something. so stop reading now and delete if you don’t want to hear it.

    you will get a vote tomorrow. by proxy. seriously. i have been working tirelessly on this campaign (much of the reason for my extended absence) and tomorrow, the culmination of all of that work, hope, joy, lack of sleep, frustration, belief in the renewal of spirit of the better part of America, and just good ole fashioned Pollyanna optimism, will be dotted with a vote for Obama! and because you can’t vote, i will write your name… nickname of course because you’ll always be my mia (hehe) on my voting hand. when i mark obama’s name, i will have you in mind, my family in mind, my nation in mind, and the ever profound love of this country in mind.

    on a personal note, i needed to read that post today. i’m in deep red country… back in Oklahoma, and though my family thinks i am nuts, i am voting for them as much as I am for myself. the funny thing is, i was a huge… HUGE mccain supporter in 2000. he’s a good man. he’s just not the right man at this point in time.

    so, thanks… for putting it out there. i’m sorry i broke the rule. someday, i’ll be good. but probably not someday soon. 😉


  5. oh, and i fully expect you to delete that comment. 😉

    um… and this one, too, because now it won’t make sense. haha!

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