This is MY Year

It seems like every other day another friend announces her pregnancy.  Well, that’s an exageration, but what’s not an exageration is that a good fraction of my friends are, indeed, pregnant.  (Congratulations to Jamie whose husband just broke the news.)  I’m so happy for them.  I’m so excited in anticipation of the little peanuts’ arrivals, so excited for more playfriends.  I love watching the older siblings learn about the babies’ impending arrivals.  I love watching my friend get bigger and bigger.  (Not in the mean way!  I think pregnancy is very beautiful.)

What makes me happiest of all, however, is knowing this year I am not getting pregnant.  I am completely happy to watch all my friends’ families expand, and joy increase.  As I watch them waddle along in discomfort and tell me how tired they are all I can hear is a ticker-tape parade in my mind chanting “I’m not getting pregnant this year!”  Woo Hoo! 

Right now I can hardly handle the two I’ve got — this morning’s soundtrack was the two of them screaming all.  morning.  long.  I really want our household to get more organized.  I really want to clean up some of our finances.  I really want to spend more one-on-one time with my children.  I am not ready for another.  I’m so happy for all of you.  I’m so much more happier for me. 

Now all I need to do is make sure that I’m not gaining any of those nasty sympathy pounds.  I’m supposed to LOSE weight this year and so far I’m not off to a great start.

6 thoughts on “This is MY Year

  1. I am soooooooo with you on this one! Also, I didn’t realize that you had a copy of that soundrack too.

    Fun blog, Heather.


  2. Methinks the lady doth… well, it doesn’t matter what methinks. You’ve got a few years yet before pregnancies cease to register. In the meantime, don’t use slow progress as an excuse to give up on your weight loss goals. Just keep at it. You can do it! (Now where did I put those pom-poms?)

    Thanks, Karen, you are a great cheerleader.

  3. I loved this post because I couldn’t agree more to all of it.
    I was just thinking the other day…this is the first year we can send out Christmas cards and NOT announce that we had a baby within the year. Btw…I never sent you one! Shame on me. I just realized that. I need to get your official mailing address and you’ll be on the list for next year!
    Good luck getting smaller while everyone around you gets larger. Hey, even if you don’t lose any weigh, the pregnancies around you will automatically make you look smaller!

    I like your attitude!

  4. I’m not pregnant this year either! 😉 hee hee But seriously, I completely get what you are talking about. I’d like to say I was working on weight loss this year, however it is rather hard to diet and nurse at the same time – though I need to do better at dodging the brownies at family home evening. 🙂

    I hear you. I often say, proudly, how amazed I am at how much I can pack away while nursing. Okay, he may be a toddler, but let’s be honest, he sure is not consuming as many calories as I like to think.

  5. hahaha, I’ll have the best of both worlds–no pregnancy AND a baby by the end of the year (hopefully) 🙂
    I agree with you–EVERYONE is pregnant!! It’s crazy!

    YAY for you! Hooray!

  6. Congrats on finding your year. This is my 3rd year of saying “I’m not having a baby this year” since WILL was born. It’s an interesting feeling. It’s so liberating! I feel like I can do anything. And as you know, I’m really trying to too! I hope you find your groove!

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