A New Era

After so many dark nights and cloudy days, two nights ago the clouds parted, the heavens were revealed, and choruses of angels rang out on the world.  I’ve said before that Boy Blue hasn’t had a good sleep since we went to Canada.  (That was seven and a half months ago if you were stuck on […]

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Whenever I get really sick of hemorrhaging all our money on rent and gas out here, I move us across the country.  With the help of realtor.com and careerbuilder.com (and google maps, of course!) I choose different areas and pretend for a couple of days that we are moving there. I have had three such […]

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Girls’ Day at the Getty

When Mary Ann first told me, back in December, that what she wanted to do for her birthday was to take Grace and me to the Getty Villa and to lunch, I didn’t really know what to think.  She said she figured that Grace and I looked like the most fun people in the ward […]

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He Sucks His Green Thumb

On Friday night we went out to Home Depot to buy a potted plant for a friend.  She was taking me and another girl out to the Getty and lunch in celebration of her birthday.  I had offered to drive, but I also wanted to give her a gift.  With my limited budget I calculated […]

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I’m not in a funk, but I’m not in a groove.  I’m not out of sync, but I’m not really in sync, either.  I’m just … floating I guess.  I have all sorts of thoughts trapeezing through my mind, somtimes I catch them before they fly away, but when I convert them to words it’s […]

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