He Sucks His Green Thumb

On Friday night we went out to Home Depot to buy a potted plant for a friend.  She was taking me and another girl out to the Getty and lunch in celebration of her birthday.  I had offered to drive, but I also wanted to give her a gift.  With my limited budget I calculated that a plant would be the least likely to look cheap.  And anyone who wanted to go to the Getty Villa would probably appreciate plants in addition to archetecture and antiquities.

I had in mind some tulips, with our gorgeous spring weather on my face, but when I saw the arranged succulent collections I knew that was the right choice; Mary-Ann works all the time, she needs a plant she can ignore.  When we got home Little Red was completely in love with the plant.  I reminded him that it was not for us, but for Mary-Ann and he had a complete melt-down.

He neared epic tantrum proportions over a cactus, even after we promised him that tomorrow he could go buy his own.  I’m not sure how we got him to bed that night, but the next morning when he saw it in the bag with a bow he started up again.  “You can go to Home Depot on your Daddy Adventure and choose your own,”  I offered.

“I want this one.”

“They have bigger ones.”

“I want this one.”

“And they have ones with different plants and different rocks.”

“I want this one.”

Finally I got smart.  “And they have ones that look just like this.” 

With a gulp he executed his patended stop-cry. 

When I returned from my adventure and caught up on what they had done on their adventure I saw that he had, indeed, bought the same thing.  Only his had a bigger rock.  Sounds like a win-win to me.


5 thoughts on “He Sucks His Green Thumb

  1. How funny! It’s nice to know we all have the same kids!! I’m proud of you for having adventures! I’m going to try and start doing that…one of these days! 🙂 Thanks for inspiring me!

    Me inspiring you? Seriously? You’re the Grand Guru of Doing A Million Things!

  2. Sounds like win-win-win to me. You had a good day, I take it?

    Oh yes. It was one of those days I was actually happy to live in California. (um, until the evening when I started to chew the air. But the day trip, the day trip was good.)

  3. Yay! That is great – you are so good. We have such a hard time juggling one on one time with the kids – it doesn’t happen nearly as often as we would like it to.

    We can hardly juggline one-on-one time and we only have two children! The only reason we did so this weekend was because I had been invited for a girls’ day. It was the first time we’ve divided ourselves and the children for an adventure since last summer.

  4. Syd has become in love with plants too! I went to Home Depot with just her to get some pots. She wanted to look at flowers, so we did. She wanted one. Not just any one, a pink one. And of course, and expensive one. We compromised and got a cheap pink one. She reminds me to water it every day. Oh, and you gotta love the stop-cry.

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