Girls’ Day at the Getty

When Mary Ann first told me, back in December, that what she wanted to do for her birthday was to take Grace and me to the Getty Villa and to lunch, I didn’t really know what to think.  She said she figured that Grace and I looked like the most fun people in the ward and she wanted to get to know us better.  I was shocked.  I could see why she wanted to get to know Grace better — the woman is a superstar — but I was just that crazy presidency member that got on her when she didn’t have a sub for her class.

By the time the big day came along (last Saturday) I knew she was genuine in her desires and I was really excited at a girls’ day out.  (Well, Boy Blue and little Hugh came in tow, but Little Red and our respective husbands did not.)  I drove, as I had the only vehicle big enough to fit three adults and two car seats, and the traffic was easy once we got off the 110.

And it was a perfect day in Malibu.  Sky bled into the water and softly licked the sand in a steady surf.  The weather was warm without being hot.  People lazily started their weekends.  The beach was calm. 

The Getty Villa was beautiful.  I loved all of it, but I especially loved the Peristyles.

Outer PeristyleInner Peristyle

In the Outer Peristyle (first photo) I love how you can see the ocean beyond the pool from the fountain.  The sky, the ocean, and the pool were all the same colour.  In the Inner Peristyle (second photo) I was taken by the perfectly framed mosaic across the gardens, through the atrium, and on the opposite side of the East Garden.

But really, it was all gorgeous.  It was all wonderful.

When we were done we went to Little Tokyo for some Korean BBQ (as our original plan, sushi, got canned when Grace reminded us that she couldn’t have sushi as she is pregnant.)  By the time we got there it was after 2pm, so they were not busy.  The wait staff oohed and aahed over Hugh (my boy was slowing waking from a nap and giving some pretty strong “stay back” vibes.)  They even took him for a walk, and when he came back he was proudly carrying a horrid yellow stuffed bunny.  (With one glance I knew Grace was planning on dumping the thing in the DI bin when she got home.)  I was nervous when he was gone, and Grace too, although she kept reminding herself that this was “very Asian” behaviour;  she would know, having lived in Japan for several years.  Mary Ann, too, reminded me that this was “very Asian”, and I guess she would know, too, being Filippino.  But even she got up and checked on him, and hinted to the ladies that we’d like to be able to see him.

The food was amazing.  Boy Blue wasn’t interested in the Kim Chee or the chicken, but he had a great time with the chopsticks and straws.  When we went across the plaza for some mochi he perked up, and would have eaten my entire mango mochi ball if I had let him.  Skip the nutrition and go straight for dessert?  Yes, this boy is definitely my progeny.

After spending such a pristine day in Malibu, coming home to chew my air was so disappointing.  But even the very poor air quality was not enough to ruin my day.  I’m going back, hopefully this summer to catch a Shakespearean play in the open theatre.

5 thoughts on “Girls’ Day at the Getty

  1. Yay for Girl Time!! It sounds awesome!! And those pics are just gorgeous. Overall, sounds like you had a great (and well-deserved) time out.

    It was really wonderful. The pictures pale in comparison to what I saw in real life. It was breathtaking.

  2. Sounds wonderful. I don’t know about Asian behaviour, but my boy got taken behind the scenes a lot at one (very Caucasian) restaurant. All I could think of was the cramped space and the hot stove, but they wanted to show him how they made his French toast. I think it would make me nervous in a big city I wasn’t familiar with to let my little one out of my sight, though.

    It made me nervous and it wasn’t my baby! I was just very glad that all they really had to say about Boy Blue was his resemblance to Donald Trump. (With that hair, Paul and I have said the same thing several times!)

  3. I’m a little neurotic with strangers and my kids. I don’t think I’d let a stranger take my kids out of my sight, even if they were well-intentioned. I would have been twitching even though it wasn’t my kid!!! 🙂

    The pictures are beautiful though! What a fun girl’s day out!

  4. What a beautiful day, and it sounds like you had a great time! I would have been nervous to have my child taken out of my sight, (or someone else’s child for that matter), but mine probably wouldn’t have voluntarily gone with them either. They take a while to warm up to strangers.

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