Whenever I get really sick of hemorrhaging all our money on rent and gas out here, I move us across the country.  With the help of and (and google maps, of course!) I choose different areas and pretend for a couple of days that we are moving there.

I have had three such fantasies in the past week.

1.  Going back to VA:  in this fantasy I have no only chosen the area, but figured out employment, and short- and long-term goals.  I knew how I could supplement our income (I even knew the pay scale for my husband’s job.)  I already know the community and had weighed the pros and cons of the different schools (I even know many of the teachers still in the area.)  I had everything all figured out.

2.  Giving Vegas a second chance: regardless of how much I hated Las Vegas last year, it occurred to me that it isn’t a bad place to live, as long as you can handle the heat.  (I’m not sure I can, but stay with me.)  As Vegas was one of the over-built areas during the boom, it has now replaced Detroit as the highest foreclosure rate in the country.  We could buy a three bedroom, three bathroom house, built in 2005, on the same street as my brother-in-law and his wife.  They’re having a baby next month, and I think it would be good for the cousins to be friends.  (And I really like Nancee.)  In this scenario I don’t have the job figured out yet, but my computer time has been very sketchy lately.  As for the heat, well my brand-new house will have a/c, of course, and we’ll get our exercise indoors.  Not ideal, but nothing is perfect.  The trick is finding ways to make anything work.

3.  Stay here:  My brother-in-law out here is looking at the possibility of moving up to Los Angeles, if his firm gets bought-out.  In this scenario we would be able to keep our employment, friends, resources.  The only change would be that Mark buys a nice place in La Canada, and to help him with his mortgage, we would rent out his back house. 

Other fantasies I have entertained this year include Detroit, Kansas City, and north of Seattle.  A girl can dream, right?

8 thoughts on “Fantasy

  1. When our son was 3, we were going to move to Bermuda. The jobs for Canadians were great, my son would go to a private school and wear a blazer with Bermuda shorts, I had it all planned out. There were even a few phone interviews…It didn’t happen, but it was fun to dream.

    Best of luck to you, whatever you do!

    I had no idea Bermuda was such a draw for Canadians. My Dad used to always talk about Cuba — not in the way you’d think. I guess they have great diving there, and he’s a big fan of the food and music. So he always figured that Cuba should join Canada. The Cubans would win, with a stronger economy and a democracy and all that, and the Canadians would win with the great beaches, dining, and music. They’re halfway there anyway, with both country starting with a “C” and ending with an “a”. Anyway, the main reason would be that it would really piss off the Americans. I’m not sure what it has to do with your comment, just that you reminded me of it.

  2. What?! Nashville isn’t on your dream list?! That cuts deep, real deep…


    I’ve done the same thing as you! I’ve picked out houses online and found the perfect job and had everything planned out. Except for the whole moving there and starting a new life.

    Nathan and I were out hiking the other day in this gorgeous spring weather (really, gorgeous, you should come here…) and we were talking about how weird it is to finally be stable. We’ll be here for years. That’s just weird! We’ve always been thinking about the next move or on the verge of a move. It’s nice to finally love where we are and want to stay.

    (and Nashville is the most pleasant place you’ll ever live)

    (and you could go hiking through forests instead of city buildings)

    (and no earth quakes)

    (no smog)

    (and you get to say “y’all comin’ fer supper?” at lunch time and no one bats an eye)

    (and they’re not cousins, but I’m sure our kids would get along…)

    You’re so funny. You know, the first thing both Paul and I said when his brother moved out to Tennessee (Memphis, and they’re the ones in Vegas now) was “we love Tennessee! You guys are so lucky!!!” If the job was right, we totally would move out there (even though Andrew and Nancee had a really really hard time out there.) I didn’t say Tennessee has never been on the list, I just listed this week’s winners.

  3. I love dreaming and having your world be perfect for just a minuet. My favorite site for looking at houses is I know you would like it.

    Oh you’re so right! I LOVE zillow! I loved reading the fantasies on your blog, too.

  4. I LOVE to look at houses online in various cities and think about us living there. It’s always just dreams.

    Phoenix is one of the top cities of foreclosures, too. Vegas is hot. So is Phoenix. You can come be our neighbors!! That’d be AWESOME. Seriously. And you can help me with my training for the 3 day walk. 😀

    Forgive me, I’m still adjusting to the idea of Vegas. Phoenix still sounds too too too hot for me. I don’t know how Ches does it. I’m convinced it’s not place for any self-respecting Canadian.

  5. I just returned last night from a weekend in Vegas. We were out in a nice neighborhood, but I must rant that it is still terrible! We also lived there for a month a few years ago before begging SH’s job to transfer us. I would never ever ever in my life recommend that city to anyone.

    I was honked at more this weekend than I have been in my entire life. Let me out of Vegas!

    Tell me more about what was so awful about living there? I mean, other than the weather. Clearly in the residential areas the debauchery is removed, so what’s the complaint? How is it different (other than the heat) to any other American suburb?

  6. I love all your options. And I love doing the same thing.
    You’re right, nothing’s perfect. I guess you figure which factors are most important to you and go where those lead you. Every year, Casey (the statistician) does a “Moving Survey” and we each rate a variety of factors for different cities we think we could live in. It’s interesting to see how our flavors change each year. Right now, I think Vegas and AZ are on high our list. The heat…..can I do it? I think we could.

    Ever the statistician, eh? That makes me laugh.

  7. I think I spend too much time dreaming especially in the winter. Our newest dream involves and acreage and living off the land. I know we are nuts.

    That sounds really cool!

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