Running Away

It began on Friday night with a simple chat message: Scott (10:19 AM):  Heather- would you guys be interested in free tickets to the circus? Anna got a bunch from work. It is tomorrow, Saturday, at 10 and 2. I can drop the tickets off to you today after work, if you’re interested. Let me […]

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(not)Following Inspiration

On Saturday night, as we were saying our prayers, I immediately thought of my pregnant sister-in-law.  “We need to pray for Nancee!”  I exclaimed to Paul.  It should be no surprise, then, that on Sunday morning she was on my mind.  I knew I needed to call her, but I thought instead of calling right […]

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So Drama

Wow, how did I let this go for so long? Oh, that’s easy.  Between not sleeping and not being allowed any computer time I’ve also had visits from my family and swarming concerns over my mother-in-law’s health who is altogether too young and too healthy to be so sick for so long, trying to keep […]

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Freak Out

Thank you to all of you who, instead of knowingly reminding me that two days does not a pattern make, kindly joined me in rejoicing in my two night’s of sleep.  Need I explain my absence by describing how two good night’s is all I had? I’m quite sure that my on-going fatigue is the […]

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