So Drama

Wow, how did I let this go for so long?

Oh, that’s easy.  Between not sleeping and not being allowed any computer time I’ve also had visits from my family and swarming concerns over my mother-in-law’s health who is altogether too young and too healthy to be so sick for so long, trying to keep up with the developmental needs of my boys, keeping pace with work, church, playgroups, and home responsibilities, I guess it kind of makes sense.  Did I ever mention that Boy Blue has been walking, nay running, since before his birthday?

Beginning May 1st I’m going to be babysitting an infant full-time while he’s on the waiting list for a daycare.  It’s a win-win; his mother needs to get back to work but doesn’t want to settle on a lesser daycare, and I need the money.  Summer is coming, if I’m going to be cloistered in the apartment playing with the boys, I might as well add another one to the mix and make a little money.  Now, before you get all silly and think I’m going to spend the money, take note, all that money is going directly to the credit card.  I’m not proud of it, but the truth is we do have debt and I just can’t start spending money on myself until this is taken care of.  Summers are tough for me, I’m not ready for triple-digit temperatures, fires, sky-high electricity bills, and oh yes, summer-blend gas.  Staying inside and making money, caring for three sweet boys, is the best way I can think of to make the time fly.  This has been in the works for a couple of months, but I’ve been trying to not get my hopes up too early, as there was always the chance that Aiden would get in to the daycare before Janel had to return to work.  Now that we’re two weeks away, things are looking pretty good!

But none of those newsy catch-up things are what I really wanted to write today.  I’ve taken time away from my chores, my boys, and getting ready for tutoring (spring break — early tutoring) to write about my hot date last night!  Yes, that’s right, we went out again!  I know!!!  This is becomming a more common thing — hooray!

Stacey has a comedy showcase with Cricket Feet, at the Colony Theatre last night and tonight, and I, eager to support my friend, made all arrangements for us to go.  We got the boys in their pjs before we took off, telling them they were going to have a pajama party with Angela (who, once again, kindly offered to babysit.)  As we sat in the theatre, waiting for the showcase to begin, we both realized how long it had been since we’d been to a show.  I saw only a couple when we were in Virginia, most of which were shows in which Paul was performing, but at Ricks I went to as many as I could, and in the Yukon I attended even more than I performed.  It felt so good to be “back.”  I don’t care if I ever perform on stage again, but I can’t believe I had gone so long without being in the audience.

When it was over we congratulated Stacey, convinced her that babysitting problems shouldn’t keep Bret from being able to see her and that we should watch Jack, grabbed some quick snacks catered by El Cholo, and took off.  All in all, it was dinner and a show, all for free, mostly spontaneous (I reserved our seats on Monday), and on a Wednesday night.  How rejuvinating!  Sometimes I really like living here.

Stacey was great.  Not everyone was great, and not every scene was great, but I liked hers.  I really hope she gets work from this.  She’s so awesome.


3 thoughts on “So Drama

  1. It’s always great to get out like that, especially when things are stressful.

    I am hoping we can take in a few plays at Stratford this summer. It seems like ages since we’ve been. It will be nice now that The Boy is old enough to come too.

  2. Hurray for the hot date! And hurray for being able to babysit the infant like you want! Good luck getting the credit card down. We’re working on that too. And a final Hurray for boy blue walking and running. Or maybe instead of hurray I should say OH NO! 😀

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