Running Away

It began on Friday night with a simple chat message:

Scott (10:19 AM):  Heather- would you guys be interested in free tickets to the circus? Anna got a bunch from work. It is tomorrow, Saturday, at 10 and 2. I can drop the tickets off to you today after work, if you’re interested. Let me know or if you know someone who would like them. I have 4 tickets for each show. -Scott

Saturday was supposed to be a lazy-relaxing day and was anything but, but it was so worth it.  We made buying gas a three-hour family adventure complete with waiting in line for Costco gas (at $3.79, significantly cheaper than anywhere else,) running errands, and brunching at Krispy Kreme.  At Krispy Kreme when the sign says “Hot Now” it’s really hard to ignore.  Diets aren’t for weekends anyway, right?!?

We were only home for an hour before it was time to hit the traffic and head down to the Shrine Auditorium.  The boys were supposed to nap but they just goofed off in their room instead.  I was surprised that Boy Blue hadn’t been too upset when I put him down.  Later when I passed by their room doing laundry I thought I heard giggles — sure enough they were tossing a balloon back and forth from in and out of the crib.  I didn’t care, and took some quiet time for myself, napless notwithstanding.

I don’t think I’ve been to the circus since I was very young, so I didn’t know what to expect.  I quiet enjoyed the stupid human tricks and feats of strength.  I found the dog and pony tricks to be a bit trite, and was quite surprised at the agility of the elephants.  (But I confess the protesters on the way in got to me, and I spent the whole time worried about the conditions in which those animals were cared.)  During intermission Boy Blue and Little Red climbed to the very top of the Shrine Auditorium.  The handrails had a lower rail just the right height for a little guy, so Boy Blue learned to how go up stairs standing up like a big boy.  I followed as closely as I could, on the uneven, century-old steps, my blood pressure raising with the altitude, but everything went well.

We topped the day off with Fatburger, since we were in the area anyway.

Not a good day for our arteries, between the food, lack of exercise, and stress.  But a very fun day.  Thanks Scott and Anna!!!  Now, about that restful weekend…

One thought on “Running Away

  1. The circus?! How fun. And yea, the “hot now” sign always lures me in. It’s the song of the Sirens.

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