Luck, Be a Lady

It’s half an hour past my bedtime, and I haven’t showered, finished cleaning, finished packing, or even finished the laundry.  Tomorrow morning we’re hoping to beat the heat as we drive through the desert to Vegas.  I’m really tired, and frustrated that despite my best efforts, all the men in my life are conspiring to […]

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Move over, Martha!

While shopping for our bbq food yesterday I noticed that a half-flat of strawberries was on sale for $6.99.  Suddenly my mind went wild.  Tara had told me just the other day how easy freezer jam is and suddenly my mind went crazy. At the next store I bought pectin and some freezer jars, and […]

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I Love My Friends

What a wonderful long-weekend!  On Friday night, as the second installment of Freeley Fridays, Paul and I dropped the boys off with our friends and went to a movie!  For most of our marriage, a first-run theatre has always been a bit of a trek, so going to the movies was always a big deal.  […]

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Who’s Your Daddy?

Yesterday Aiden was wearing a onesie that said “Who’s Your Daddy?” and had a picture of Darth Vader.  Little Red immediately noticed the Star Wars theme and we read all the words and talked about the picture. “Who’s Darth Vader’s Daddy?”  he asked.  “I’m not sure.” “I think it’s Darth Vader.”  “Well, sometimes boys are […]

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And Baby Makes Three

Today is day three of “boot camp.”  We’re all doing very well.  On Thursday Aiden drank half an ounce.  On Friday a full ounce.  Today we’re pushing an ounce and a half.  It’s a very time consuming process, but he’s shown so much growth already.  I’m very optimistic.  Yes, by the time his mother comes […]

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When I’m Tired, I’m Grumpy

I’ve tried to keep my employment out of my blog for the most part.  I want to respect the privacy of my clients.  I enjoy tutoring and I feel I’ve done a good job this year of relating with Daniel.  For his part he has shown a lot of improvement.  Things have gone really smoothly, […]

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Dude, You’re Getting a Dell!

In the middle of last month our old computer pooped out.  We’re pretty sure the RAM flizzled out but with all the work we’ve done on that thing already (and it’s less than two years old) we decided to cut our losses.  It was a very tough decision for me, because as you may have […]

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