And Baby Makes Three

Today is day three of “boot camp.”  We’re all doing very well.  On Thursday Aiden drank half an ounce.  On Friday a full ounce.  Today we’re pushing an ounce and a half.  It’s a very time consuming process, but he’s shown so much growth already.  I’m very optimistic.  Yes, by the time his mother comes home for lunch (she works two blocks away!) he’s ready for a good feed, but I’m able to keep the hunger pangs at bay and help him stay his happy self.  He no longer gags with the bottle (still a little with rice cereal, but that’s pretty normal as he’s only been eating that for a week.)  I don’t know that he’ll ever have a normal latch on the bottle, but as long as he develops some sort of conveyance into his mouth, we don’t really care.

At this moment all three boys are asleep.  This doesn’t happen every day, as Boy Blue is the founding father of the Stagger Nappers, Inc.  (Today he chose to skip his morning nap and went down early for his afternoon nap so my time is definitely limited.)  At moments like these I think, “this is totally doable!  This is great!”  I still think people who deliberately have their children close together are insane, but I am starting to understand how they make it work.

I’m more glad now than ever before that our place is a townhouse.  With the bedrooms upstairs the sleeping ones are buffered from the chaos downstairs.  With only one morning of moving and pushing I was able to make room for all three beds in the boys’ room.  Preschooler, Toddler, and Infant each have their personal spaces in the bedroom.  The warped walls in the picture come from the autostitching (I was lazy and only stitched two photos together) which makes the whole thing look pretty crowded.  One of these days I may redo the photo, doing it right with a million little photos.  Or I may not.  I’m pretty busy these days.

\"And Baby Makes Three\"

The bread is done, and needs my attention.  The dishes are calling, as is the spilled milk on the carpet.  And I was hoping to pick up the morning’s toys.

Singing off…

(but isn’t it just SO GREAT that I have a computer again?!?!?!?!?)

3 thoughts on “And Baby Makes Three

  1. Hurray for computers!!!

    We’re completely out of the baby phase. Not even a trace of it left. No sippy cups, no diapers, we’re usually stroller-free (unless I’m exercising), usually not even naps anymore, the kids dress themselves, feed themselves, tell us what they want instead of the guessing what cry means what… It’s going to be system shock when we adopt.

    Good luck learning the ropes of having 3 kids!!!

  2. I’m glad you are up and running with a new computer! Sounds like you are very busy, and one day you will look back on these days and miss them 🙂 I know from experience it is true.

    I love the pictures on the wall – did you paint them? Are they stick ons? No matter what they are, they are very cute!

    Happy Mother’s Day!

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