I Love My Friends

What a wonderful long-weekend! 

On Friday night, as the second installment of Freeley Fridays, Paul and I dropped the boys off with our friends and went to a movie!  For most of our marriage, a first-run theatre has always been a bit of a trek, so going to the movies was always a big deal.  In Hawaii our favourite date-night theatre was the Ko’olau Theatres in Temple Valley.  In Virginia we went to the movies in Roanoke after a day of shopping and eating at chain restaurants.  This weekend, getting the boys fed and in their pyjamas and dropped off was a big enough deal that when we got to the AMC megaplex in Burbank I slipped back several years and felt like we were on a date pre-children.  It was nice.  We saw the Indiana Jones movie.  It was, if possible, cornier than we had imagined, but highly entertaining.  I admit I was a little let-down with the plot choice.  But what I really wanted was a big, fun movie on a big screen.  I got what I wanted.  The best part was when we picked up the boys, one was asleep and the other didn’t want to leave — truly they had a good time.

Saturday evening we went down to Orange County for my nephew’s birthday party.  I always enjoy spending time with my in-laws, but spending time with their friends always makes me so grateful for mine.  Little Boy Blue was targeted all evening by another boy who jumped him every chance he could.  I spent the whole evening running defense.  The parents were completely clueless.  The other parents could be heard from the sidelines of the park, laughing about how funny it was.  Boy Blue was fine (because we were never far from him so no real damage occured) but we drove the whole way home so very happy that we have the friends we do.

And finally last night we had a bbq and game night with the families of our preschool group.  The dads got some PS3 time in before the food, Paul got to show off his amazing pork tenderloin (even I like it and I am not a carnivore), and then we all played MarioKart on the Wii.  As we left the dads were already planning our next such event.

At this moment all three boys are sleeping.  First day back to work after a long weekend is exhausting, and I think instead of cleaning up the morning’s toys I will have a little rest myself.  Trucking 40 pounds of cute up and down the stairs wears me out!

2 thoughts on “I Love My Friends

  1. Your comment “spending time with their friends always makes me so grateful for mine” made me laugh. I think that same thing when I spend time with some of our friends kids. Wow, if I were the mother of some of those kids, I’d kill ’em 😉

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