Move over, Martha!

While shopping for our bbq food yesterday I noticed that a half-flat of strawberries was on sale for $6.99.  Suddenly my mind went wild.  Tara had told me just the other day how easy freezer jam is and suddenly my mind went crazy.

At the next store I bought pectin and some freezer jars, and returned to Golden Farms for the strawberries.

In the time it took me to make the bread yesterday afternoon I made 11 1/2 jars of strawberry jam, including a trip to the Glendale Ralph’s looking unsuccessfully for pectin which resulted in another trip to the Burbank Ralph’s to stand in the longest lines in history just for another package of pectin.

This morning we dined on homemade whole-wheat bread with homemade strawberry jam.  I didn’t, however, churn my own butter.

5 thoughts on “Move over, Martha!

  1. Mmmmmmmm! Strawberry freezer jam is my faaaaaavorite! And it’s sooooo good on fresh, homemade bread. Maybe I’ll have to make some now. After we move and unpack everything, that is!

  2. two of my favorite things…homemade bread and jam! oh and Golden Farms too, of course :).
    I found that Walmart is the cheapest place to buy pectin. Of course driving out there will cost you just as much.

  3. I love strawberry freezer jam too – make it every year. In fact, this a good reminder for me to start keeping my eye out for good strawberry deals as that time is quickly approaching.

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