Luck, Be a Lady

It’s half an hour past my bedtime, and I haven’t showered, finished cleaning, finished packing, or even finished the laundry.  Tomorrow morning we’re hoping to beat the heat as we drive through the desert to Vegas. 

I’m really tired, and frustrated that despite my best efforts, all the men in my life are conspiring to keep me from being productive.  But most of all I’m hoping that since the situation surrounding this trip is completely different from last year’s trip, that it will be a much more pleasant experience.

My goals this trip:

* cuddle my new nephew enough that I can get to know him, but not so much that my own babies get jealous

* let Paul buy a tie from the brand-new Zadi store, as Andrew’s Ties is a tradition that stems from Italy

* go to the M&Ms store (buy a cute shirt for each boy)

* FINALLY see the Bellagio fountains

* FINALLY go swimming in a hotel pool

* don’t crash the car

* don’t get dehydrated

* don’t lose a child in the hotel

Be back late Monday!!!

3 thoughts on “Luck, Be a Lady

  1. Can’t wait to hear about the trip! I haven’t seen the Bellagio fountains yet either! Have fun swimming (don’t hydrate yourself on pool water) and relaxing (not while driving haha)! And come back with 2 kids 😉

  2. Sounds like good times! I hope everything comes out as planned and not as last time! Vacations in my world start as something wonderful and end up not so great. I wish you much better luck!! 😀

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