Remember last year when Little Red was learning to speak?  Boy was I embarassed that he taught a few of his friends the word truck but couldn’t yet make the “tr-” blend and used an “f” instead.  When he grew out of it I thought I was free for a while from hearing foul language.  […]

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There’s something really neat about growing up in nature — you develop a connection with the land.  Growing up I always had a really strong sense of where our food originated, the importance of reduce-reuse-recycle, and animal protection.  I felt very centered in the world and I fully understood that I was a small speck […]

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Could he be any cuter?

After church today Andrea pulled me aside in the hall.  She just had to tell me about class today. “We were talking about feelings and Little Red said, “sometimes Boy Blue is sad and I help Mummy by making him feel better.” ” *** Lately he has also been replying “of course” to most of […]

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Where the Wild Things Are

We’ve completed an entire round of Phreeley Fridays (as I like to call them, but they are formally known as pajama parties so the kids don’t feel like we’re ditching them for date night.)  It was a total success and we have started the rotation again. We celebrated solstice by hosting the mosh pit at […]

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Thee in Transition

Little Red stood at the top of the stairs one night after bedtime calling Daddy.  When Paul came around the corner he saw that the little man had taken off his nighttime diaper (which was still dry) and put his pjs back on.  He stood there ceremoniously holding the diaper and announced that he was […]

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A Little Piece of Peace

I know I go all over the place with my rants on so many ridiculous things about California.  I don’t take back any of those things, but I’m compelled to go on the record as saying that there are a lot of things I really like about living here.  I’m still not-so-secretly hoping that we’ll […]

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Thoughts on Families

Families are funny things.  You see your family at it’s best, worst, and everything inbetween.  You know secrets, pet peeves, and things they don’t think you know.  And you think — wow, if this family can work, despite everything, then why do so many people give up? I had a post in my head for […]

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Time Out!

I’m so glad my boys are friends.  Really.  I love the way they get giddy when they see each other after naptime.  I love how much comfort they give each other when they are being babysat.  I even love the WWE all over the living room.  And although it drives me crazy, I love how […]

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and the Force was With Us

Friday morning began as a big battle.  Each of the boys was in a bit of a funk and I was tired.  Little Red kept pushing Boy Blue around, which is very rare, and Boy Blue on his part would over dramatize how unhappy he was.  At some point in the morning Boy Blue got […]

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