and the Force was With Us

Friday morning began as a big battle.  Each of the boys was in a bit of a funk and I was tired.  Little Red kept pushing Boy Blue around, which is very rare, and Boy Blue on his part would over dramatize how unhappy he was.  At some point in the morning Boy Blue got a fantastic gash down the side of his face from forehead to cheek.  I can’t tell you how it happened, my only guess is that when pushed he landed on something not soft.

I had a flyer advertising $20 umbrella strollers at ToysRUs and BabiesRUS so I thought we’d head out there before playgroup.  Buying a third stroller with our storage situation was a big decision, but I am definitely ready for an umbrella stroller for the weekends.  By 8:30 I was ready to get out of the house but the store didn’t open until 10.  We somehow managed to endure another hour without anyone being truly maimed.  It was a miracle, for sure, and a sign that things were looking up.

I was nervous when I parked and saw a line waiting for the store to open.  Costco, across the lot, always has a line, and I hate it there, too.  I go early to avoid the people!  But things were looking up —

We parked across from the OBISHWN car and Reed lit up.  “Look Mummy, Look!  It’s an R2D2 car!  Look!!!”  I’d seen that car on the Discovery channel or something years ago, but it still surprised  me when I saw it in real life. 

As we joined the people at the entrance of the store an employee came out and announced that the Grand Re-Opening Ceremony with Ribbon Cutting would begin in just a few minutes and then they would open the store to us.  Sure enough a river of ToysRUs, BabiesRUs, corporate suits, “special characters” and city people filed out and set up right in front of us.  We watched the ribbon-cutting and listened to some short-winded speeches and soon the execs and employeeswent back in, promising to open the store to us as soon as they got prepared.  Geoffrey the Giraffe, Funshine Bear, Leonardo the TMNT all entered the store as well, but Darth Vader and Obi-Wan (I’m pretty sure it’s Obi-Shawn) stayed out taking a picture with one of the dignitaries. 

Little Red, of course, made a beeline for them and was next in line to get his photo taken between Darth Vader and Obi-Wan Kanobi.  Afterwards he told me that Darth Vader was nice today.  I repeated it so Vader could hear, and he seemed pleased, but Obi teased him with some light banter.  Whatever was wrong with Little Red Friday morning had completely faded away, and all was right in his world.

With Aiden in the sling I plopped Boy Blue and Little Red in the shopping cart and we entered the store.  The employees flanked both sides of the main entrance and applauded us as we entered, and handed each child (not Aiden, actually) a balloon.  We picked up our stroller, and wandered the shiny new aisles.  We ran into our pediatrician, Dr. Waldron, whom we have now seen twice on her maternity leave.  Last time, in Target, I called her.  This time I heard, “hello again!  We must shop at the same stores!”  She asked how each of the boys were doing and we talked about how her 4-year old is adjusting to being a big sister.  I’m always amazed that our doctors know who we are without looking at our charts, but both she and my NP, Gwyn, always remember the boys’ names.  (I LOVE KAISER!)  After a stop at the colouring station for Little Red we checked out, getting chocolate cookies and a ToysRUs bag on the way out.

All was right in the world.  Playgroup went well.  The boys napped all afternoon.  The boys did well at Jack’s house for Freeley Fridays while Paul and I drove to LAX, picked up his Dad, and ate at Pann’s.  (We chose Pann’s in Inglewood because of it’s proximity to the airport, and because Eleas is always talking about her uncle’s restaurant.  Mark and Matt went once and talked about it for the whole weekend.  Not for the food so much, but because it has been used to shoot many movies and Matt couldn’t believe he was in the same place they had filmed such movies as Pulp Fiction (XXX, Bewitched, Next, and more.)  The food was fine.  The decor was a fantastic time capsule of the 60s.  The conversation and company was wonderful.)

Friday was the perfect way to end the week.

4 thoughts on “and the Force was With Us

  1. Now all I can think about is Pumpkin and Hunny Bunny (from Pulp Fiction) and a heavy waitress in high heel shoes (from XXX). Did that location also serve as the Waffle Hut in The Ladykillers? If so, then the line that comes to mind does not bear repeating.

    Oh, and yay for the convenience of umbrella strollers.

    I have not seen Ladykillers so I’m not sure. A quick google search didn’t help me any. Now I feel betrayed by the internet. But I’m so glad to have conjured up such an amusing medley of movies in your mind. My work here is done.

  2. I had to do a google photo search for the OBISHWN car. That is SO funny! That would be great to see in real life! And Darth Vader and everything! How fun!!! What good luck!

    We’re the same with the random days of evil. Jaedin and Jenacy are usually great friends. But, man, when they get into a mood they just do everything under the sun to bug each other and it drives me NUTS!!! Usually it’s the same as your boys–Jaedin will hit, push or take something away, and Jenacy will wail like she just got her foot stuck in a bear trap. I’ve told her the boy who cried wolf story waaaayyyy too many times. If only it would work… 🙂

    (yes, will you email me your friends email address?)

    There are photos on flickr of our event. I haven’t started the boy who cried wolf stories, something tells me it’ll be totally lost on a one-year old! 😉 But yes, it sounds like our children have the same shenanigans.

  3. It must be kids everywhere! In fact, today I’ve spent most of the morning yelling at my kids to stop yelling at each other (I know, not a good example!) Yet there are other times where they go down to the basement and just play and love each other, and it’s wonderful!! I guess we all have our mood swings!

    I’m glad that the trip to the store went so well! You mentioned the sling! Tell me about it! I want to get one!

    I believe that instead of a diaper bag full of formula, hospitals should just send women home with slings. Mine is a Maya Wrap ( and I lovelovelove it. You can buy other brands with trendier materials but that can get really pricey. The fine people at mayawrap believe in the benefits of babywearing so strongly that they’ve included the sewing directions on their website so that if you want a sling but can’t afford (or don’t like) theirs, you can make your own for personal use. It’s easy to do, I suggest you do that route. You can get your rings from Happy babywearing! It’s the only way I function!!!!

  4. Too funny about Darth Vader. I am glad he was nice and didn’t try to kill anyone. Now, that would have been a very eventful Toys R Us outing.

    It’f funny I haven’t been to Toys R Us since before Chloe was born, but just went 3 times this week. Don’t ask me why. Ugh!

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