Thee in Transition

Little Red stood at the top of the stairs one night after bedtime calling Daddy.  When Paul came around the corner he saw that the little man had taken off his nighttime diaper (which was still dry) and put his pjs back on.  He stood there ceremoniously holding the diaper and announced that he was not wearing nighttime diapers anymore.  End of story.  (Well, mostly, he was dry all that week but has had accidents since then.  It’s now been a month and a half and I think we’ve got the liquid cut-off-time figured out for optimal success.)

Boy Blue, who popped out six teeth at about four months old, is finally pushing through the rest of his teeth.  All.  At.  Once.  I think we just might run out of teething tablets.

Aiden has figured out that he loves his daytime brothers so much that sometimes he won’t even nap.  We’ve got a pretty good groove, and things aren’t usually really bad.  Since he started coming he has learned to roll back to front (which he does the instant you put him on his back,) can spent extended time on his tummy and pivot around to toys, and is learning how to sit.  It’s very exciting.  He’ll be six months next week and it’s so fun to watch him develop.  He can drink from a sippy cup with the stopper taken out, but is learning to suck and I’m confident that we’ll have him on a normal sippy cup (and by extension, he could take a bottle) before too long.

3 thoughts on “Thee in Transition

  1. Gotta love teething! Sometimes I can’t figure out why on earth Sophi is so cranky, then I remember that there are still a few teeth needing to come in! Duh!

    I must of missed who Aiden is in my long absence, but I’m glad that you are enjoying him!

    Aiden is a little boy we watch in the daytime while he’s on the waitlist for daycare.

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