Quick Update for the Casual Observer

For those of you not a part of my day-to-day, I won’t make you go back and read April and May to put things together:

Aiden is a little boy we babysit in the day while he’s on the waitlist for daycare.  He’s been coming since May 1st and I hope we can continue this for a while!  The days are long and I’m very tired but he’s a good baby, the boys really really love him, and I really like having some money coming in (–and going straight out again, of course.  sigh.)

He is to-the-day nine months younger than my little Boy Blue, but he’s a big bruiser.  At 4 months he was equal in weight to Boy Blue on his birthday, and now I’m fairly certain he has surpassed my lightweight.  When I have the two of them in the double stroller, although they look nothing alike, I get a lot of comments about the “twins.”  (although to be fair, I also get twin comments when it’s Little Red and Boy Blue.  People are stupid.) 

We still make excursions out of the house, and I’ve even ventured to Trader Joe’s with all three boys although usually I save the grocery shopping for Saturday mornings.  Having Aiden does represent a significant change in our lifestyle, we are staying home more and I’m not going out on my long walks.  But it’s summer and I was going to hibernate anyway, so I don’t feel it’s a loss.

Sorry for the confusion — no I did not suddenly have another baby.  But I did try to trick a friend into thinking I did, when we caught up with them at Travel Town last week.  Funny!

2 thoughts on “Quick Update for the Casual Observer

  1. Yeah, people are stupid. But most of them mean well. Is it wrong of me to hope (for your sake) that Aiden doesn’t get into day care for a while?

  2. Wow, I agree, people are stupid! I think that a lot of dumb comments come out when people are trying to come up with something better to say. Like when they ask an expectant mother, “So, are you excited?” (I used to dead-pan say “no.” just to laugh at the face the person would pull as they tried to change the subject haha).

    Anyway, good luck with the daycare staying full for a bit longer! 🙂

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