Well, I did it.  I deleted some of my facebook friends with whom I wasn’t really friends.  It was so easy to hit that little “x” and know that the person whom I was deleting from my contact list would never receive notification that I had done so.  It felt really good.  I wish I had done so sooner!

(I don’t have the time I want to de-clutter my bookshelves, so I used my facebook contact list as proxy.) 

I didn’t even feel guilty.  I’m sure the two people I dropped won’t even notice.  (I sure love my newsfeed now that it’s not cluttered with updates from these people I don’t know!)  And then I noticed that someone whom I had added from a friend suggestion is no longer listed on my list.  He dropped me?  Good, now I feel even less guilty about dropping those other guys.

If only organinzing my bookshelf was as easy as my facebook friends.

4 thoughts on “Pruning

  1. haha, hmm…I wonder if I’ve been dropped. I don’t think I’d ever notice!

    So how does it work to drop friends? You just delete them and they disappear without anyone knowing? That sure makes it easier!

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