The Yogurt Wars

When Yogiyo opened up around the corner, I was intrigued.  It tooks us a couple of months before we finally stopped in to try them out.  As soon as we stepped in the door it was clear they were trying to mimic Pinkberry.  Everything was a clear ripoff.  As Yogiyo charges extra for the fruit toppings (included in the price at Pinkberry) I decided to order a plain yogurt — that was all I needed for the taste test anyway.

The verdict:  closer to home, but a creepy copy of Pinkberry.  I’m going to stick with the original.  The imposter was a poorer quality yogurt with a good initial taste but definitely more ice in the product.  It’s probably better for my waistline and budget that I don’t like the yogurt around the corner.


3 thoughts on “The Yogurt Wars

  1. I haven’t tried pinkberry but hear it is addicting. I have a sweet tooth right now so now would be perfect time t try it, but too bad it is too late.

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