“You Eat with These Teeth?”

Last year I went to the dentist for the first time in a decade.  I was so embarassed that I had two cavities and have worked diligently this past year to undo the damage of pregnancies and professional absence.  At Christmas when I went in for my check-up I was relieved that there were no new cavities, but still concerned with some of the pockets in my gums. 

I was very nervous this morning.  I had skipped flossing a few times, and other times I did a fairly poor job of getting all the corners.  And I do brush after lunch but I also snack.  My hygenist could tell I’ve been snacking without always brushing, but otherwise complemented me on my hygene and wasn’t overly concerned that some of my numbers were still 4s and 5s — most are 2s and 3s.  She gave me a few suggestions, at my request, and left telling me that I was a model patient.

In came the dentist for the real exam…

pick pick pick

“Uh, do you eat with these teeth?” 

Now this is the kind of dental check up I’m used to!  All that hard work paid off!!!

3 thoughts on ““You Eat with These Teeth?”

  1. I hate the 4s and 5s too. Do you have “Crest Plus Scope Citrus Splash” there? (I’m guessing there’s no way it’s just a Canadian product.) Whenever I use that particular toothpaste for a while, the 5s disappear and the 4s are minimal — despite my less-than-diligent dental hygiene (I never floss and I don’t brush after lunch). Just a thought.

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