and that is how you lose your deposit

Paul had early morning meetings, which left me to get the boys ready for church on my own.  I’ve done it before and I wasn’t worried.  As I was finishing up my morning regime I thought, “I am so awesome.  The boys are dressed.  I am dressed.  Not only will we be on time for church, but we may even be early.  Yay me!”

Little Red interrupted my self-praise and said, “Mummy, come look!”

He proudly displayed the newest piece of art, co-created with his brother.  The two had gotten dry erase markers from my husband’s briefcase and had drawn all over the carpets (and on the washing machine, but that was easy enough to wipe off!)  I sent the older one to time out downstairs, and tossed the younger one in his crib where he couldn’t expose himself to the toxins I was about to use, and I set to work on the carpet.  I knew I had to act fast, because we have several t-shirt stains from dry erase markers.  Once set, they do not come out of fabric.

What part of you thought this would be a good idea?  I didn’t say it.  But my mind was screaming it so loudly as I scrubbed the carpets in my skirt that I’m sure they heard me anyway.  Spray, scrub, vacuum.  Spray, scrub, vacuum.  We got to church only a minute late, and me knocked down a few (considerable) steps off my high horse.

I left for church not sure my efforts would pay off.  They did, fortunately.  I think the carpet is okay.  Our $1300 deposit will live to die another day.  (I’m thinking the chipping plaster on the walls will be the winning ticket.)


6 thoughts on “and that is how you lose your deposit

  1. I’m glad to hear you got it all out. For future reference, I have to tell you that my friend swears by the magic eraser. She said it got sharpie out of her couch. And it wasn’t hard!

  2. Wow. and Wow. I’m impressed you were only 1 min late to church. And I’m glad your deposit is only one life shy of it’s ninth. Good work!

  3. You have got to tell me what “toxins” you used to clean the carpet. We have more stains on our carpet, and I’m sorry but Resolve only takes care of a stain for a few days. Then the stain slowly creeps back into our lives. With three boys who think it’s okay to use crayons and markers as action figures, to swing around open Otter Pops like they are light sabres, and to set whatever food they are currently eating ON THE FLOOR when they realize that someone has something better to eat thereby making the food on the floor the perfect target for the center of my foot as I walk by, I need something that actually WORKS!!

    I use WalMart’s version of resolve, but the trick is to get the stain immediately. I have some recurring stains, too. I’m a bit of a stickler for sitting in your seat while you eat (but anything that falls hits carpet, and anytime other kids are over all bets are off.) I also have a dirt devil spot scrubber. And we never wear shoes in the house (although some of our guests do and I hate being the grouchy Canadian always nagging at them.)

    Nevertheless, we will definitely be paying a professional carpet cleaner before we move out.

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