Happy Nappy

It’s a tricky thing to get all three boys to sleep in the afternoon, let alone to have the sleep overlap.  I was very concerned on our walk home from the park that I had lost it again this afternoon, as Aiden was fading and Boy Blue was out.  As far as I was concerned, Little Red just couldn’t walk fast enough, we just couldn’t get home fast enough. 

Boy Blue miraculously transferred from the stroller to his crib and didn’t even stir when I removed his shoes.  I got Aiden down (without bothering Boy Blue) within the hour.  I boldly decided not to crochet or clean, and told Reed that I would be upstairs for quiet time. 

Long after Aiden awoke and I got him back to sleep I realized that I could no longer hear Little Red playing and I went down to check on him. 

There he was on the couch.  Thumb in mouth, face on book, fast asleep.  It was so sweet.

I realized that the afternoon was nearly over and I should start to tidy up.  As I picked up Little Red’s viking hat he opened his eyes and told me “but I want to play.”  He returned immediately to his slumber.  He slept through the phone ringing to announce that Janel was here.  He slept through our conversation.  He slept until 5, when we finally awoke the babies and brought them downstairs.

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