Which Brings My Non-Classical Count to Two

My brother-in-law’s band, the Indio Bait, comes up to LA every once in a while to play.  (It would be more often if they only had survival jobs like all the other people in LA who are in bands, instead of careers.)  Paul makes it a point of always attending, but last night was the first time I actually went, too!  Instead of going on at 11 pm at the Roxy or the Mint or some other place down on Sunset they were going on at 9:30 at Zen Sushi in Silverlake!  I think it took us all of 8 minutes to get there.  (And yes, I find it fitting that the first club I visited in LA was Zen Sushi, although I do sometime hope to make it to their shows at the Roxy of the Mint, because that’s just cool.)

Angela’s washing machine is out of commission right now so she offered to babysit the sleeping boys while she did laundry — a winwin for sure.  Boy Blue was actually awake when we left but asleep within five minutes.  That was a miracle that could only happen because it was Angela.

The club was nice enough but I was unimpressed with the way they managed the bands.  Until yesterday afternoon the plan was that the Indio Bait would play in the main lounge at 10 pm for 50 minutes.  Hours before the performance they called and changed it to 9:30 for half an hour upstairs.  (There was a Filipino party in the main lounge or something … ?)  Many of the people planning on attending just didn’t get the message in time so the showing was low.  Even the drummer had a hard time with the change of plans, arriving only two minutes before the show was supposed to start. (yikes!!!)  We helped carry his stuff in, and  I have never seen anyone set up a kit that fast!   As a result, their first song was also their sound check.  (Paul missed the first song as he was driving around Silverlake trying to park Covey’s car.)  They were a bit rattled, and weren’t as tight as they normally are.  But they were still great!  It was so much fun to be out!

(As another comment on the poor communication with the club, they didn’t have any names on the list for the bands.  I didn’t mind the cover charge, as it was low, but was annoyed that they didn’t even have anyone on the list for the Indio Bait.  The girl said, “I haven’t even talked to them today.”)

It was really fun.  Eleas was there, of course, supporting Mark.  And Janel showed up with two of her friends, so I was pleased I did my part to help swell the ranks.  I felt so free and young and cool, going out to a club with my husband.  No diaper bag, just my driver’s license in my back pocket.  It was great!

The last concert I’ve ever attended was my first non-classical concert.  We saw Camper Van Beethoven on E Street in DC in early 2003.  I definitely need to get out more.  But I can, with my children getting older, a fantastic neighbour babysitter, and a family member in a band.  Sometimes I really love living here!

2 thoughts on “Which Brings My Non-Classical Count to Two

  1. Take the skinheads bowling, take them bowling…

    Oh man, Karen! Every once in a while you just blow me away!!! You so totally ROCK!

  2. Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever been to a non-classical concert. I’m lame 😛 I would love to go to concerts, but wow, the cost to attend is so high when I can see the concert videos on youtube for FREE! Although, if I was even remotely into country music, half our ward is in one band or another out here in Nashville. (they’ve got a dream and a guitar…)

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