My First Earthquake

Getting a line on the phones right now is like winning the lottery, but we’re all fine after today’s earthquake.  I know you’ll all think I’m a big nerd for saying this, but it was a little bit cool!  (I’ve been here for four years already, it was about time I felt something!)

I happened to be standing in the entryhall when the door started rattling ferociously.  I thought someone was trying to get into our apartment but as I peered out the peephole there was no one there.  So I passed it off as being one of those chinook-like winds that go barreling down the walkway during storms.  Little Red was standing over at the other end of the apartment, looking out the windows.  He looked a bit scared, and said, “Mummmy…”  I explained to him that it was a pretty big wind, eh?  and asked him if he saw the trees swaying.

It was only after I passed it off as a big wind did I notice that the chandelier was swaying and that we had just experienced an earthquake.  huh I guess I should turn on the news.

I tried calling both Paul and Angela, Paul to ask if he had felt it and Angela to see if she was okay, but couldn’t get through on any number.  It took a while, Paul said “5-10 minutes of trying to get through!”, but finally we connected and shared our little stories.  He was a little nervous for us, but as soon as I explained to him that the epicenter was in Chino Hills he realized that out in San Bernardino he had felt it stronger than we had, and he was relieved.

Angela was very rattled when she came over, but she had been napping and awoke to the horrific noise of the mirrored closet doors shaking — not a great way to wake up!  She made calls to all her family members letting them know that she was okay, visited with us for a bit, and went back home. 

It was 11:42 when the ground shook so Janel was here for lunch soon after, and we talked very lightly of the whole thing.  She was here in 94 for the Northridge quake, so this was nothing for her.  Besides, she works in one of the safest buildings in the city.  And I just seem to have a slightly dangerous sense of adventure — no fear!  (I was disappointed when Hurricane Daniel turned and skipped Oahu in 99, and likewise let-down when Hurricane Isabelle stuck to the Virginia coast in 2003.  I’m insane, I know.)

We finished our lunches and went to the wading pool.  It was only a 5.4, wasn’t especially close, and the aftershocks were increasingly weak.  We weren’t going to miss playing in the water with our friends just because of a little ol’ earthquake!


4 thoughts on “My First Earthquake

  1. It was your first earthquake? Really? wow! Glad to hear you are all doing well. I saw the headlines and thought of you immediately, but since it was only a 5.8, I didn’t get too concerned. 🙂 I’m sure it’s cause for excitement, though, huh?

  2. Wow! How scary! (and probably at least a little bit fun once you realized it wasn’t too bad) 🙂 Glad to hear everything is alright. I hadn’t heard the news yet. I bet it’ll be plastered all over the evening news!

  3. I’m glad you are okay! Willie is actually in LA for training right now and he is staying on the 34 floor of his hotel and when he got there on Sunday he thought how “fun” it would be to feel a quake up that high because the building would sway. Unfortunately for him he was in his office building on the 2nd floor, so no swaying! I think it is funny that you thought it was the wind!! I just think it is crazy that some people think of earthquakes as fun!!! But now you can say you have felt one!

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