Well, I did it.  I deleted some of my facebook friends with whom I wasn’t really friends.  It was so easy to hit that little “x” and know that the person whom I was deleting from my contact list would never receive notification that I had done so.  It felt really good.  I wish I […]

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The Yogurt Wars

When Yogiyo opened up around the corner, I was intrigued.  It tooks us a couple of months before we finally stopped in to try them out.  As soon as we stepped in the door it was clear they were trying to mimic Pinkberry.  Everything was a clear ripoff.  As Yogiyo charges extra for the fruit […]

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Fun on the Fourth

Unlike last year’s disappointing holiday, this weekend’s holiday was very fun.  We kept it simple and stuck with family.  After sleeping in (haha, Paul slept in) we meandered down to Orange County to hang out with Mark, Eleas, and the boys.  We ate at Fatburger (–good, but not as good as the downtown LA locations.  […]

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On Control

It’s the funniest thing, really.  I know better, but since I started watching Aiden, which made my days infinitely more busy, I’ve been staying up later.  It isn’t even because I’m trying to stay on top of the laundry, either.  It’s because I’m goofing off. The most recent time-waster has been Civilization.  I’ve had episodes […]

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