Time to Reevaluate

Thursday mid-day brought the most unhappy news of another $100 rent hike.  I was so sick to my stomac.  I tried very hard to fight the visceral reaction to declare that we were moving, trying to learn the lesson from last year.  It turns out I was quite right to stay calm, as ours was definitely not the highest increase.  My husband reminded me that we had been getting a little complacent and that we needed this push to look at our priorities and make sure we were on track.

By Friday morning I knew that the answer was not another rental in southern California.  Which leaves us with three options, still.  Stay and tough it out (but submit a list of maintenance demands — if we’re paying for it we’d better actually get it!), low-ball someone on a condo (I won’t pay more on my mortgage than I will on rent, but if I can get it to work out … ), move out of state.  I don’t know what the answer is but I also don’t think I’ll know this month.  In the meantime I feel very calm.  Things will be okay.  Would I rather not pay that extra $100 every month and instead use it toward my debt reduction plan?  Of course.  But as long as I’m babysitting Aiden we actually CAN pay that extra rent.  I just won’t like it.

It has taken a great deal of effort this weekend to not go off the deep end and freak out.  With stratospheric gas prices, food prices, and energy prices, but stagnant wages, it’s really hard to not feel squeezed on every side.  It’s really hard to not feel like some grand power is toying with us to see how long it takes before we implode.  Believe me, some days I’m pretty close to imploding.  It’s not just that I’m upset that I don’t see how we can get ahead, I’m mad that for so many families it’s nearly impossible to catch up, or even just tread water.

But I have faith, and I need to remember the calm I felt.  I don’t know the answers, but I know that we will.  Eventually.

6 thoughts on “Time to Reevaluate

  1. I still have that renting rant in my head, but I’m in a pretty foul mood as it is, so I don’t think any of it will come out right and make any sense whatsoever. Let’s just leave it at this: Owners of rental places are selfish and greedy and until the economy turns around, renters like us will continue to get screwed because we don’t have any other options.

    Oh, and my sort of realtor sent me an email saying that the government has passed some bill that essentially bans all downpayment assistance programs for home buyers. So, if you’re gonna buy and you need one of these programs, you have until October 1st. Not gonna work for us. We are no where near able to buy (we can’t get approved for a loan for a place larger than a 1 bedroom condo. With 3 little boys, it just won’t work for us!), so looks like there is one more thing that won’t be available to us. 😛

  2. Sigh – I feel your pain. We have just over a year to be ready to buy this house (my parents) and I don’t see how it will be possible – but through faith we have seen many miracles, and I know somehow that things will work out – maybe I will finish my book and publish it — ha ha! 🙂

  3. I want to personally yell at Dan and Eva for you! I have practice from when we moved out! That makes it every year you get a rent increase!! I sure glad that you have felt peace about it because I would still be throwing a tantrum! You are a better person than me! And Colorado is always an option too!

  4. I hate that. But if you guys need a place i have a two bedroom basement suite right below me so you could use my fantastic backyard too, I think my boys would get along with your boys don’t you.? It all can be your for only 750 including utilities. Since I’m the property manager I might be able to negotiate a bit of a reduction. It avaliable for september 1. Come back to canada

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