I’m Beginning to Freak Out, A Little, A Lot

Last night, when I realized it was Thursday night and I still had a laundry list of things I hadn’t done this week that probably wouldn’t get done I tried to console myself by thinking “well this has just been a busy week.”

… as opposed to???

And it hit me.  In two week’s it’ll be September.  School will be back in session.  Most mothers in the world will breathe a collective sigh of relief.  I, however, will be my busiest yet.  While I did balance babysitting Aiden and tutoring Daniel all along, this time it’ll be different.  It won’t be like the summers have been, where I’ve had only two long days matched with three days of babysitting but no tutoring.  It won’t even by like May and June where I had been not tutoring on Fridays.  Nope, all indications are that I will have no days off.  Monday to Friday will be the same thing: balance the needs of three little boys all day, then hurry up the hill to tutor a teenage boy, then hurry back down the hill to feed my family.

So how am I supposed to do all my other things, too?  Cub scouts?  Primary?  Housework?  Fun stuff with the family?

And to think I was getting serious about my business again.  (remember that?  the handmade baby items?  uhhh, yeah, I didn’t think so.  I had pretty much forgotten about it, too.)  Why did I think I could work on my business while working two jobs and still trying to care for my family?

I just need to keep focus.  The good thing about September is I’ll start getting full paychecks again, tutoring a full week.  That’ll definitely help.  As long as I can keep my eye on the prize and move all that money to the appropriate accounts (instead of Target…) then this’ll all be worth it.  I just need to take a deep breath and stay focused.  I enjoy both of my jobs.  I’m going to be okay.

I’m going to be okay.  Sleep is overrated anyway.

2 thoughts on “I’m Beginning to Freak Out, A Little, A Lot

  1. Oh, you are so much busier than I and still feel like I need a deep breath everyday. yea, doing your own business? It’s that “taking care of a family” part that always seems to get in the way. I have to remind myself what my priorities are. If I have to wait 4-5 years to be more devoted to my sewing stuff…..then that’s what it’ll be.
    I do look forward to the days when the kids go to school and mom gets a nice 5 hour break. Ahhhhhh.

  2. Wow! Good luck!!! Once you get used to the change I think it’ll be a lot easier. Just keep your priorities in mind. Everything will work out 🙂

    I think there is a glitch with Nathan’s paychecks too. Seems like they’re routed directly into Walmart’s bank account… 😉

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