Afternoon Nap

The babies were asleep, so we played cars, and after the big race all the cars decided to take a nap on the track.  We went upstairs to my bed to follow suit.  He because he was lonely, and I … I was tired of doing things, tired of leaving him to fend for himself […]

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Our Pet, Dog

While I do consider myself to be a friend of the furry creatures, I don’t see us having one in the home for a long time, if ever.  I am always grateful for the opportunities my friends provide me to feed their cats; it’s a great reminder for me that I do not want a […]

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Creation and Compassion

Yesterday morning I finished my cub scouts training.  I am now finally fully trained (now, all I need to do is finish that pesky registration.)  I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about things as I got there this morning, given the all-over-the-place feelings I’ve had lately, but I was happy to get to know Rob and Gretta (our new […]

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Pending Projects

Today I am not going to do any of the following things: * find the new insurance cards to put in the cars (the old ones expired 7/31 and I haven’t replaced them yet) * find my SIN card so my Auntie can finalize Grandad’s estate — yes, he died almost a year and a […]

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Love Story

Do you want to know one of the things I love best about my husband?  Come closer, I want you to really hear this.  Are you ready?  Here it is:  He actually likes spending time with his family. Do you know how I know we’re a perfect match?  One of his favourite things about me […]

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He’s Cute in the Manly Way

There are so many things I want to remember about my husband forever.  This weekend he told me, “It’s hard to remember you’re sick because you look so good in those new glasses.”  At our final get-together with Becksteads this weekend, Paul and Brandon came trotting into the kitchen with the same goofy look on their […]

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Paul and I were IMing the other day, in the midst of my battle of wills with Aiden.  (aka: naptime.  I always win, but he always puts up a formidable fight.)  He’s just about nine months old, which is about the same age both of my boys went through the I’ll-sleep-in-your-arms-thank-you-but-will-scream-as-soon-as-my-back-touches-the-mattress phase. Paul said it […]

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Yesterday was a pretty busy day, but I was committed to the blood drive in the evening, and looking forward to my one hour alone.  (Truthfully, by the end of yesterday I was counting down to my time not being touched, and even left home a bit early.)  I had tried to take a nap […]

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My Mosh Pit

With September came many changes, including the dates of my playgroups.  My Friday group moved to Monday and my Monday group moved to Thursday.  I’m still getting into the new routine, but I think the Thursday playgroup is a hit. I could be wrong, but that’s the assumption I’ve made now that I’m digging out […]

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