it turns out that the rent increases were not across the board.  Not everyone was raised by the same amount, nor to the same amount.  And there are some tenants in our 9-unit building who were not raised at all.  It definitely appears to be “personal.”  Certain people received exceedingly high raises (ours, at least, was within the legal limits of rent control.)  I found it very strange that our increase was handwritten whereas others were typed.  I now see that our raise was an afterthought.

Our flaw is by association.  We weren’t the complainers.  We weren’t the problem-tenants (and went out of our way to be easy tenants) but as we have tried to be friendly to everyone, we are guilty by association.

Knowing that not everyone is paying as much as we are makes me sick.  I’ve worked so hard in the past month to find peace with our situation and I felt like I lost my whole zen with one illuminating conversation with a now-former-fellow tenant.

It doesn’t help that we just got back from Detroit.  Going there always makes us wish we lived there.  There’s a reason we refer to it as the Garden of Eden, and now with the home prices dropping we could get an amazing 4-bedroom brick colonial in the best school district in the country for significantly less than what we’re paying in rent out here.

if only there were jobs in Detroit.


7 thoughts on “Dump

  1. Oh, that’s awful. I’m sorry to hear about that. Where exactly does Paul work? I know of some fabulous landlords out in Pomona, or even some in Glendora, that keep prices low and are honest. But I think I would be exploring the Detroit option as well. It’s so strange to me that with house prices dropping, rent prices are still on the rise.

  2. Is that even legal to up some people’s rent and not others?!

    I hope you can find somewhere else to move too. It’s just so disheartening to have so much money be sucked into rent when you could buy an awesome house in another state. Good luck!

  3. Have you tried talking to your landlord? I agree that it really doesn’t seem fair to raise some and not others… I do remember when SH and I moved to Scottsdale, some friends of ours were moving away from our apartment complex and were slapped with over $2,000 in “fees” and damages for the apartment. We had to move a month later, and we were terrified to terminate. SH went in and had a friendly conversation with the landlord, and she said that she would mail us a bill for the damages and fees… when our bill came, we owed $0. Completely unfair, but in our favor. Sometimes just talking to them and not getting angry in the conversation will do wonders.

    Praying for you…

  4. That sucks so much! It sounds like you haven’t really made up your mind about things though. Detroit is nice at this time of year. January, not so much. I think it would be so awesome if you moved to Detroit, though. It’s only a four-hour drive away. ;0)

  5. I’m outraged!! They raised your rent because you’re NICE to everyone??? I don’t think so! A pox and a hex on them. (I only wish I were kidding)

    Whether or not you move to Detroit (although I say do it! You’ll find a job… eventually. heh), I’ll keep you in my prayers. You need an improved situation, if nothing else.

  6. Heather!!! I’m so sad for you! I will keep you in my prayers. Dan and Eva are not fair at all. I know that when we moved in there our rent was higher than some as well. Don’t they realize that the tenants are going to talk to each other and figure out that their rent is not the same? I hope you can once again find peace about either staying there, moving, or whatever it might be. I was talking to Willie about the rent increases there and we figured that if we had stayed we wouldn’t be able to afford it now! Good Luck.

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