Did I Get a Ticket, or Am I the Millionth Visitor?

Yesterday, turning left from Los Feliz to San Fernando, I was third in line.  When the light turned green the cars before me entered the intersection and I followed.  Midway in the intersection I saw a flash.  A flash?  As I completed my turn I scanned the intersection for someone with a camera but saw only that there was a traffic camera on the post.

Was I not supposed to go?  It couldn’t have been a red light.  I couldn’t have done anything wrong.  As I looked in my rearview mirror I saw a couple of cars behind me, too, so it must have been a green turn signal during which we all turned.

Naturally I feel horrible about the whole thing.  I try to be such a cautious driver.  After talking to Paul about it, he told me that he knows several people who have been in the same situation, who have seen the flash while driving, but no ticket followed in the mail.  He’s sure that’s all it is. 

I have a different theory.  I bet the city of LA has decided to boost morale and send a gift to the millionth person to pass through during a certain period of time, and I was that winner.  I will be checking the mail eagerly for my check and/or ipod.

4 thoughts on “Did I Get a Ticket, or Am I the Millionth Visitor?

  1. Ya, good luck with that! Wouldn’t that be wonderrful though! Let me know if it actually happens…maybe I will pick up and move to LA! 😉

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