Pending Projects

Today I am not going to do any of the following things:

* find the new insurance cards to put in the cars (the old ones expired 7/31 and I haven’t replaced them yet)

* find my SIN card so my Auntie can finalize Grandad’s estate — yes, he died almost a year and a half ago and my social insurance number is the only thing she still needs

* find Boy Blue’s birth certificate, just because it isn’t where it is supposed to be

* write letters to my visiting teaching sisters, as visiting just wasn’t an option this month

* make appointment for school tour

* make new preschool arrangements

* get present for nephew’s birthday

* finish Halloween costumes

What I am going to do with my day is play with three little boys and a little girl.  As soon as Lucy is picked up I have to rush out to cub scouts for the pack meeting.  As soon as cub scouts are over I have to rush home to help get my children to bed.  At which time I will probably collapse with them.  This week has taken everything I have, physically, mentally, emotionally.  Tomorrow doesn’t look better.  I honestly don’t know when I’m going to do any of the non-babyland things I need to do and frankly, I don’t care.

5 thoughts on “Pending Projects

  1. Oh, I just reread the list. You’re NOT doing those things. Sorry. I feel like that many days too. Nothing extra can be accomplished. Just keep the family happy and fed and that’s what gets done.

  2. Who is the little girl? I thought you were just watching Aiden. Good luck!!!

    Lucy was our neighbour before her parents moved last month. Her mother is having some health problems so I’ve been taking Lucy while her dad is at work. She’ll only be with us for a few days next week, too, and that’s it.

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