Afternoon Nap

The babies were asleep, so we played cars, and

after the big race all the cars decided to take a nap on the track. 

We went upstairs to my bed to follow suit. 

He because he was lonely, and I …

I was tired of doing things,

tired of leaving him to fend for himself just because he’s the oldest and he can

–I am the oldest and I know how that feels,

and because I missed the time when we would nap together every day,

when life was simpler.


After a minute or two I felt him tap my nose and pat my hair. 

I smiled and flopped my arm over his body in a clumsy hug. 

“I love you,” I said.  “I am so glad you are my son.”


He laughed his goofy laugh and said,

“I love you because you are my son.”


We did nap once we got our giggles out,

neither or us for as long as we wanted,

but he napped best of all. 

I sure love that three year old of mine.


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