Forcing Fall

All day Thursday the smell of chilli in the crockpot permeated our apartment.  For supper I served it with cornbread muffins.  To me, nothing smells more like autumn than chilli in the crockpot and I desperately wanted the weather to change.

Yesterday evening was actually cool, and today was downright chilly at 73 degrees!  I think I actually need to look for socks, for the weekend, at least.  I should also unbox my long-sleeved t-shirts, just in case these cooler temperatures last longer than three days.

*(this is me, trying to contain my excitement!)*


3 Responses to Forcing Fall

  1. I am so excited too! I am over the heat and ready to bundle up in something warm, but feel the cold air (ha, ha, cold) on my face.

  2. How funny We were on the same wave length on thurs. for I made crockpot chili, also. I love the new weather. I was freezing when I woke up this morn, something I am not used to! Love, Ape

  3. feathersky says:

    We’ve been in a heat streak for a couple weeks! It ends on Thursday so our Autumn is coming soon. YAY!

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