Ready for the Next Step

Friday afternoon, when all the other employees left for the weekend, Paul was called in for a meeting, and laid off.  We had seen the writing on the wall and Paul had already begun to dust off his resume, but as the company lost 25 clients in two months, they couldn’t wait for Paul to quit.  (They didn’t know, anyway, that we were looking elsewhere.)

Today Paul had to give the opening prayer in sacrament meeting.  When he returned to our pew Little Red said to him, “Daddy, you forgot to pray for a new job.”  Could he be cuter?  Maybe not.  When Paul originally told him that we need to pray for Daddy to get a new job Little Red told him that his job should be playing with him and Boy Blue.  Paul thought that sounded great, but asked how we would get money?  “You can buy some at the store.  They make money at the store.”

Of course we’re annoyed that he didn’t get any warning, and worse yet he got no severance, but we’re actually pretty cool with the whole thing.  So what if we have no money coming in?  We wanted a change, and we got it.  We already have some leads, and are getting great advice from people.  We’re fine if we stay (really, I know that’s a shocker given that two months ago I was clawing at the door to leave) and fine if we leave (so long as the new company pays our relocation!)  We feel completely calm/excited about the whole thing.  We could use all the prayers we can get, but we are not afraid of the future.

Paul is so amazing.  He said to me on Friday night (it was date night, we dropped off the boys at Healey’s and went to the mall to buy him a cell phone for the job search–his previous cell was a work phone) “is it bad that I’m excited about this?”


8 thoughts on “Ready for the Next Step

  1. I am so sorry to hear that! It sounds like you are taking everything in stride and I am sure things will work out in the end.

    So…if you’re looking for jobs just anywhere…don’t forget to peruse the jobs in St. Louis. 🙂 (Hey…you can get a good deal on a house out here these days!)

    You’re in my thoughts and prayers. *hugs*

  2. Oh. I’m so sorry about your news. I’m glad that you’re both seeing the bright side of things. I got laid off once and it was the scariest point in my life…but I ended up finding the greatest job of my life because of it. Ended up being a blessing afterall.
    I hope hope hope it works out for the best for you! Maybe Detroit or Alaska are in your sights afterall….?
    Good luck with the job hunt!
    I’m so sorry again.

  3. I’m rooting for Oregon 🙂 Though, i am sorry about the whole situation and we will keep you in our prayers that you find something quickly and that everything works out for the best.

  4. Remember to look in Nashville. There’s a house for sell right down the road… 🙂

    Good luck. I know it’s probably scary right now. I’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for though. These things always seem to work themselves out. It’s just a pain in the meantime!

  5. Just remember to follow his lead on excitement for the new change. Charlie was excited too that he was forced to look for a new job. I trusted him and helped build the excitement that now he could be picky and choose a job that he knew would be a fit. Follow his excitement and things WILL turn out for the best.

  6. I feel your pain and am so sorry for the circumstances you find yourself in right now! I really hope the something works out very quickly for you, but if it doesn’t, as has been our case, don’t lose faith. I’m really struggling with faith and I truly hope that it’s not something that you even have to deal with!

    It is kindof fun to wonder what the next step will be, though, and I’m excited for you! I pray the very best for you!!!

  7. I’m sorry about the job front, but I know you guys will do well with whatever situation you are in. Hope the searching goes well…..

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