Living With Boys

As soon as I hit “publish” for the previous post, I heard Little Red call from upstairs about an accident in his bathroom.  I had only been away from them for two minutes, as I already had my ideas drafted in my mind.

When I went upstairs, however, I saw that Little Red was still wearing his shorts, which he never does when he has accidents.  “I thought you said you had an accident?” I asked.

“No, Boy Blue did,”  he replied. 


Sure enough I turned the corner and saw the baby’s shorts and diaper strewn on the ground, with him, wearing only his socks standing near a puddle in the bathroom.  “Did he take his diaper off?”  I asked incredulously, quite sure that Little Red was older -but not by much- when he began those antics.

“No, I did.”  Little Red replied so simply.  “So he could go pee in the toilet.”

2 thoughts on “Living With Boys

  1. My sister had a son as her firstborn. Her second was a daughter. Problem was, her son wanted to teach his sister how to go in the pottie. She tried to stand up to go for weeks before my sister finally convinced her that girls must sit down… Something tells me that it will be easier for boy blue to learn with his awesome roll model 😉

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