It’s that time again …

This year I have mixed feelings about Halloween.

I finished another year of homemade costumes for the kids.  I’m proud of the costumes.  I really love homemade costumes.  That said, I will wait until next fall to decide if I’m making costumes again next year.  It is always such a struggle to get them done.  This year I even had a pattern for Little Red’s but the sizing was so off I had to do so many alterations I should have just saved myself the $7 for the pattern and done the whole thing myself.  Peter Pan does NOT wear parachute pants and a t-shirt that shows his belly button.

Both of the boys got into the spirit of trick-or-treating at our church party Saturday night.  How cool, really, that you can walk from car to car, say a short phrase, and people give you candy?!?!?  But now we have candy in the house.  I have already taxed a lot of it and hidden it under my bed, I don’t think anyone will see the stuff until it’s time to fill goody-bags or Christmas stockings.  The rest we are letting the boys eat, with moderation.  By the time Halloween actually gets here I will be cursing all things sugar.

This year Paul and I actually thought it would be fun to dress up.  Unfortunately, by the time the boys’ costumes were ready and we/I had the time to think about it, Paul had lost his job.  It’s pretty hard to justifying buying stuff for a Halloween costume when you are still hoping to stretch the pennies to cover rent.  😦

Anyway, this year the boys went as Peter Pan and a Lost Boy.  Turns out Disney wasn’t so creative in the old days and everyone thought Little Red was Robin Hood, whose outfit is the same.  Boy Blue was called a lion, mostly, although one person, sensing our Disney theme said he was the Lion King.  I did have a moment of triumph, however, when my friend Max approached me at the party and asked if Boy Blue was a Wild Thing.  You see, as Boy Blue doesn’t wear hats I had to modify my plan for his costume so he didn’t look EXACTLY like the boys in the movie.  My back-up, if calling him a Lost Boy didn’t work, was that he’d be Max, from Where the Wild Things Are.  Max’s wife, Candace, was the only person to ask me directly, “if he a lost boy?”  Yay for the Grundys!

Happy Hallowe’en, Everyone!

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