I am thankful for my husband’s family, they are a family to me.  This year, as it is with all of our California holidays, we went down to Paul’s uncle’s in Costa Mesa.  Andrew, Nancee, and Seth came out from Vegas, and Paul’s cousin David was there, too.  As always, it was a perfectly wonderful […]

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Today I am trying to stay calm.  Today I am trying to stay positive.  Today I hope that the three little boys with whom I spend my day can distract me enough that I won’t count time, or budgets.  Today I hope that I can lower my blood pressure and decrease my stress.  Today I […]

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Super Friends

Little Jack demanded a playdate with Little Red before 9am.  By the time his mother and I were done playing phone tag it was much later, but I was so relieved to have our friends come over!  Hooray! Once they got their angst out they played SO WELL together.  It was creative and wild and […]

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I Think the Boy Loves Me

Last night as I was leaving our enrichment activity for our women’s association, I stopped to say hello to Aiden and his Grandma.  He immediately leaned over for me to hold him, which I gladly accepted.  I chatted his his Grandma and made faces at him, and he smiled gleefully back at me.  Then I […]

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Lest We Forget

I have not forgotten: not my Grandfather, not the countless others.  I write this as a place-marker, and hope that my children will understand the sanctity of this day.

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Change Gonna Come

I called a moratorium on small businesses as employers for us.  This job search we’re only considering established companies, and our reasons are many.  Getting into a larger company takes longer; a longer application, multiple interviews, and tests.  We are knee-deep in several companies right now and even further along in others (although I think those […]

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