Homemade Halloween, 2008

I’ll never get over how strange it is that out here people don’t trick or treat in their own neighbourhoods, but that there are only certain established areas for trick or treating.  Okay, so everyone wants to only go to the houses with the best decorations, but what it means is a mob of people on a couple of streets, and no one anywhere else in town.  It’s strange to me.

We joined up this year with several other families and had a great time going door to door.  The rule was, though, that even the adults had to be in costume (I think it was because Allison was organizing it and she wanted to show off her “singing in the shower” costume without being the only adult dressed up.)  It was a blast.


My husband: Aloha shirt, shorts, Detroit Tigers ballcap, and a mascara-ed on moustache — Magnum P.I.

Me: hockey jersey, no lipstick — pitbull (NOT a political statement, a pop culture reference, I can’t vote and had no intention of swaying anyone one way or the other — anyway, only my friends knew who I was, the rest just saw the M on my front and said, “Go Michigan!”  Seriously, there are Michigan fans everywhere!!)

and the boys, of course, wore their Peter Pan and Lost Boy outfits.

Happy Halloween, everyone!


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